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Seller has stolen work

So. Today I was just browsing my competition to see how I can optimize my gig and found a gig which was rather suspicious. I saw her work and it hit me. One of the animations, I saw it before. So I set out on searching. Then I notice there even is an audio watermark LOL! I knew exactly where it was from and after an hour of searching I found an exact match. Attached please find screenshots. I’ll be reporting her to fiverr. I hate people like these, taking work from dedicated animators like me.



Note: She has the custom design in the what’s included thus she can’t use templates.

haha, that’s common , you just need to report/flag those gig.
But you dont really have to send so much time on this, but good effort haha

Fiverr strives to maintain a highly trusted and safe marketplace for our buyers and sellers. You can help impact this effort by reporting content you feel hurts the values of our community. Our Trust and Safety team will investigate flagged content quickly, keeping our marketplace in good shape.



Good job. I can’t stand fraudulent sellers. They devalue the platform for the rest of us.