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Seller has to accept a delivery extension?

I placed an order with a seller just before he left on a trip (he was planning on working on my request while on the plane). We have worked together for two months now, and he is always very responsive. He has not been online since he left, and I did not want the order to go late and affect his rating… so I went to the resolution center and requested an extension on his behalf.

You offered to extend the delivery time of the order.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx has 4 days to respond, or the request will be automatically withdrawn.

I can understand the buyer needing to approve a longer delivery time, but why does the seller? It is not like the seller has to wait the extra time if they are finished early.


That’s a good point, but I think Fiverr probably uses the same logic for both buyers and sellers. I don’t think I’d like a buyer extending an order unilaterally…for example to gather info they should have beforehand.

Obviously your case is different and it’s pretty awesome that you’d do that on his behalf. Hopefully he will see it in time or the late delivery won’t take a big hit on his stats.

Good luck for you both


I had not considered that… I can see how unprepared buyers could abuse extensions.

Thanks for the response!

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Yes- good point! I can definitely see how some buyers could use this as a way to withhold payment indefinitely or extend the scope of the project without Seller’s approval. Good job with this feature Fiverr! :slight_smile:

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Hi you can deliver the work you’ve done with note to your buyer, when you deliver there “deliver now” option turns to “deliver again” you can do a second delivery when you’re buyer responses to your questions and you’ve completed the job. or you may have to attach the second delivery it in the inbox chat scene instead of the order scene.
At the end of the day…your order would have been delivered on time and your buyer knows the reason why the fully completed order was not delivered. You will be paid anyhow since there was an order initially.

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My thoughts exactly. Kudos to you on being an amazing buyer!


I appreciate that, but it seemed like the fair thing to do. Besides, I plan on placing a lot of orders with the seller over the next six months, so it is in my interest to not be a jerk about things. lol


I would say that is a good call, LOL.

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