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Seller hasn't delivered, 3 attempts to Fiverr support Unanswered


The seller has not contacted me, and has not delivered my product. I have contacted Fiverr support on 3 separate occasions using the resolution center to no avail. I have not received any word from anyone. This has been ongoing since Aug. 23.

How am I supposed to receive any help from Fiverr if they don’t even respond to the resolution center requests? Who do I escalate this too? Is my money simply gone??

By the way, this was my first time ever using Fiverr.


seriously fiverr staff. wake up your idea. i sent help to the resolution 3 times as well and no respond??? what a waste of my time. i asked for an essay and the seller copied and pasted some irrelevant stuff from wiki.

speechless seriously


I have same problem - cancelled order and got charge anyway - I like to talk to customer service when I need help - do not have time to wait for return message that never comes.


So clearly I’m not the only one who has had this happen. And yes, I have contacted the seller.

Again, anyone out there know what I can do?? I want my money back at this point!


I came to these forums to ask the same question. I ordered from a seller who:

  1. Changed gig description after my order to a greatly reduced order (6.5x reduced…).
  2. Agreed in our Fiverr messages to cancel by mutual request.
  3. Refused the cancellation request without a word.
  4. Failed to deliver ANYTHING (even modified description).

    Everything is documented in our communications of course.

    So I contacted support twice through the site interface, thinking the first time may have not gone through. Normal support protocol is to automatically assign a ticket and let you know they received the request, with ticket #. Fiverr support via site interface has no signs of life after over 3 days (order already marked as complete).

    $5 isn’t really worth a paypal dispute but I do feel entitled to quality support, having given them well over $300 via 20% ‘fiverr tax’ through all my transactions.

    But the real issue is that after a period of time (15 days?), the scammer can withdraw the money and that’s that… What’s up Fiverr?


seem like fiverr quality is drop now …

i order flyer design and designer take 5 minute (on last hour due, he send me a message said can’t download my files, i send him a drop box link), and he completed the task in 5 minute by putting some of my image in to a files … with total meaning less flyer …

shame on it : fragglesrock

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Ok, so bottom line is if a seller doesn’t respond, Fiverr won’t help?


I don’t understand these posts.

If a seller fails to deliver, then DON’T accept his delivery. It’s right there, below the order form on the gig. DON’T accept delivery.

You can try a mutual cancellation, but if they refuse it… than wait. Once the gig’s time is up, the seller HAS to deliver. And you simply REJECT his work.

That’s it. Simple. No CS, nothing.

Sorry for the CAPS, but I’m trying to get everyone to see how easy it is to do it yourself.

Try to Cancel, and if they don’t it’s their problem. Because once they deliver the work you can reject it. And that’s really bad for them. And they HAVE to deliver the gig on the deadline otherwise, after a time you can simply cancel it yourself. And if you don’t, after 3 days it will auto-cancel and leave bad feedback automatically.


You can pay within seconds, getting your money back is a different story.


I am in a similar situation, the seller gave me really bad work and so I asked him to re-submit. After a week he tells me he’s been in hospital then I get a cancellation request but an offer to do my work outside of fiverr. Do I go along with the cancellation and if so do I get my money back? I would appreciate some insight. Thanks.


I think there may be a new Fiverr scam. I purchased gigs twice from two different sellers and the sellers both click the “deliver order” but the work was not done (you tube comments). I rated them with the thumbs down saying, “new seller, did not deliver as promised”. I sent a support ticket for a refund, have not seen a response. Now, I am leary of the new sellers out there.


How do you contact Fiverr for dispute? I have orders that I can only ask for modification. I tried that twice but I want to cancel my orders and get my money back, because the seller is not correcting their mistakes?


Reply to @kjblynx: Thank you for your help.


reply to @kjblynx: Hello again, so I did the the cancellation request, reason this isn’t what I wanted but the seller won’t do it? What should I do next? How do I get Fiverr to help me with this? Thanks!


Reply to @bachas85: He did deny it, he’s going to keep denying it just like how I gave him a chance to modify my order, three times. He keeps saying he modified i but he never did. Do you suggest to request the cancellation again for the second time and if he denies it, contact the customer support? Thanks for your help.


Reply to @bigbadbilly: You have it wrong…

There is no option to reject the work (you can request modification).

Second, there is no option for the BUYER to cancel the gig at will (the seller has to agree to it).

Third, the seller doesn’t HAVE to deliver. He can deliver nothing except the words “gig delivered” and mark it complete (as I do in many of my multi-order gigs where the delivery is only attached in the first gig).

Forth, the Fiverr support system through their site actually was broken. I contacted them through their subdomain: and immediately got a response… refund and seller banned. I hope they’ve gotten this fixed now though.


I would like to reiterate, contact fiverr through this support link if the others aren’t working: which redirects here (for US):

The support system integrated into their gigs doesn’t seem to work. Using the above link I got a ticket # in my email immediately and a response in 1 day, everything was resolved.


I posted a comment about Fiverr’s clunky interface in the rant end September and I don’t see it anywhere!

I have attempted to get my illustration off the Fiverr site and it keeps hanging and not allowing me to access delivery. Yes I left a technical issue on the support. I don’t have any confidence that this will get answered.

The site is crashing or hanging. I can go onto other sites but this site does not work for some reason. I received emails and tried collecting the illustration but again the site just hangs. Still I’m able to access other sites. What is going on with Fiverr?



6 months ago, due to lack of support, and filling numerous tickets with no response, I just wrote of the moneys taken from my card as a loss. That is until today. I got notice that FIVERR.COM is going to take the money out AGAIN. And there is no one to contact of talk to about this.



Camn someone help? I got scammed 12 gigs 60 bucks and the seller delievered work with nothing! I tried contacting fiverr support 4 times, and the seller keeps canceling my dispute request. This is a HUGE scam. Help!