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Seller hasn't responded, Delivery due in less than a day

Hi, I’ve been a buyer on fiverr for a few months and haven’t had a bad experience until now, I also mainly purchase art commissions. I ordered a commission for a seller that’d be due within ten days with unlimited revisions, submitted my requirements quickly and sent a quick message saying that they could ask me if they needed any other details, answered one of their immediate questions and left it at that. I’m usually not super talkative with sellers unless I have to be, though I check regularly for messages.

After about a week, 7pm GMT yesterday, I hadn’t received any revisions and I sent a quick message asking the artist if there was any updates, they never responded - even though they’d have come online not long after the message was sent. I decided to not say anything and just wait until they were ready but after a day (Today) I still hadn’t received an update and they hadn’t been online for a while. I sent a quick message again, just asking if everything was okay and also stated if they needed more time, that’d be okay - still no response. They were online not long ago

Should I just leave it until the delivery due time? Do you think I’m being too pushy? My artist friend is saying I’m not but I’m never sure. It’ll be due at 10:53am GMT tomorrow, Its currently 11:16pm GMT, they’re in American timezones.

Edit: Sent this too fast, just a quick thankyou to anyone who responds! Also to add in that I’m pretty certain I’m the artists only order and their response time was 1hr when I messaged.


I understand your frustration, @naviiruby. It’s better to be patient in this type of situation. It’s possible to deliver the order after the deadline. But the seller will weaken his “on-time delivery rate”.

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Thank you for letting me know! Apologies, I’m still just quite new to Fiverr and haven’t had anything like this happen before, so it is making me a little anxious not seeing any updates or anything ^^;;

It may happen if the seller face a personal/ technical problem. But the seller has a responsibility to inform you if the order is going to be late. It’s better to request a status update from resolution center. If the seller is not responding over and over again, you’ll be able to cancel the order by yourself.

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Based on the following:

  • The seller’s response time is 1 hour
  • The seller did respond and ask you an immediate question after you placing the order
  • You are the only order in the seller’s queue

I believe you should wait till the due time, since your seller is already proven to be a responsive guy (1 hour delivery + an immediate question after placing the order). In addition, keep in mind the fact that since your order is the only order in the seller’s queue, the seller might be out of office, working only on your order, with little attention to Fiverr’s app notifications. Yes, the seller is unresponsive to you, but I believe this is just an occasional thing.

This reply is based on my experience as a level-two seller on Fiverr with around 1K completed orders.

Thankyou for your response and insight! It’s just making me a little anxious since I haven’t had responses for over a day now and have also seen them online but still unresponsive, but I’ll be sure to wait it out! Thankyou once again