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Seller hasn't responded, order due in 2 days

I placed an order $100+ with a seller who offered me a “good deal”. The seller offered me a lower price than what was displayed for the job on their profile/gigs section and it seemed reputable since they have nearly 30 (5-star ratings). I paid for this job nearly a week ago and haven’t received a reply since I placed my order on this deal. The final product for my order is due in two more days. I haven’t reached out to Fiverr support yet because MAYBE I will get my order, but by any chance, if I don’t receive anything that I paid for, will Fiverr refund me automatically? especially if no conversation started after order placement and no file was sent thru to me by the deadline?

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I’m sorry to hear this.

I think if nothing is delivered, and the order ends up late, yes you can cancel it. Out of curiosity, how old are the reviews?

Published reviews show within 3 months this year. I am sure that the seller is occupied with their current orders during this time, however the lack of communication has me slightly piqued. If I cancel the order without the sellers permission I may make things more complicated?

Hard to say.
I know I’ve seen posts in the past where Sellers are shocked by sudden cancellations, but usually there’s still communication happening.

As for this order, I would encourage you to wait, but also remind you that if they try to deliver an empty order or a partial order, they are breaking the TOS. On the other hand, if the order is completed to the specifications made in the original contract and they’re sub-par, you’re not allowed to cancel. (You will be able to leave a review, and I’m guessing that the ‘communication’ part will be a 1.)

Did your order include revisions?

Did you have an urgent update to the requirements or a question? Was there an agreement that you’d be receiving status updates?

If not, I don’t see why this order needs to be cancelled. The seller has signed up to deliver X in Y days and there is no indication yet that you won’t be receiving your order.


Yes, the order includes revisions. :sweat_smile:

To be honest I think it’s too early to panic. Looks like you had a conversation with a seller prior to placing an order and he is aware that he/she has an active order. He still has 2 days to deliver an order and if he has all information to work on your order then I don’t see why would he start another conversation.

So why would you want to cancel if your seller is still working within what they promised.

If they will be late for 48 hours AFTER the order deadline then you will ha able to cancel an order automatically even without reaching support team if you are so worried.

To be honest it is a bit annoying when I receive messages from clients with “are you going to send me something” when we have a few days before the order deadline and I have to spend my time to politely explain how system works instead of spending quality time working on orders.

But again if your worries are legitimate and your seller is late you will get an option to cancel order from your side.

All revisions happen after the order deadline, they are not included in the initial order delivery time.


The seller and I had been babbling for days about all kinds of project ideas, however, I DID NOT specify on receiving status updates. The sudden communication barrier felt out of place given our previous conversation. I expect a delivery, there isn’t any indication yet I won’t be receiving my order.

Thank you, I haven’t asked the seller about my order since the submission details part. I’m concerned about my seller because of what I enumerated in the details of my order. Not receiving a confirmation message makes me assume their working on the wrong thing or… not at all. :woozy_face:

I would be worried and submit a cancellation request and even if the seller responded I would want to cancel based on the lack of response and greeting.

I also would submit a cancellation request to customer support.
I don’t find that kind of seller behavior at all acceptable.

Only if the seller had over 20 orders in his/her queue would I wait it out any more.

It only takes a minute to answer a new order with at least a greeting.


Great idea, I requested a progress update from the seller. If I don’t receive a confirmation in 48 hours the order is automatically canceled. :pray: :pray: :pray:

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I’ve worked on my projects when I was out of town with no internet a couple of times and missed a few “How it is going?” messages in the process to find them when I was back home and about to deliver (on time and according to the brief).

I’d be very surprised to find those orders canceled because the buyer felt I should’ve responded when it legitimately wasn’t possible.


Once you place an order, the seller has until the last second of the deadline to deliver. If he does, there’s no ground for cancelation, at all. If he doesn’t, then contact CS and they will cancel for you.

I agree that it is poor form in general not to reply to the client in the meanwhile (and a bad move as a seller, since it can get you a bad review), but he isn’t breaking any terms of service.

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I feel bad if a buyer has to wait for my initial response for more than a few hours. I am an empath and don’t like that feeling of waiting and wondering the client has.

Why would seller send a greeting if they had a chat right before placing an order, discussed details, seller even offered a discount and sent an offer.
It will be quite weird to say “hello” after all that.

But I agree that OP can always request an update. However it’s not necessary if there is still time left in the order. We also don’t know from which country that seller working and what’s their situation. Some countries right now suffering in bad internet connection (even including developed countries as a UK) and might not be able to give an update in time.

I still don’t see a point of panicking as of yet.


It would be weird to greet a new order? I never heard that or thought of that before.
I chat with dozens of people every day in a friendly direct way who never place an order so you can believe when someone takes the time and effort to place an order with me I will greet them.

I’m really surprised at these answers.

But I’m not here to argue so if other sellers think it’s weird then that’s ok. I’m tired of all the arguing lately. But it does make me amused that someone would argue about greeting a new order. I’m always happy and can feel the other person’s anticipation and want to reach out and assure them I’m here for them.

For me it feels like let’s say you are coming to your friends house, they meet you outside of their house, you chat for a while how happy you see each other, how nice is the weather, that it’s been a long time and that you’ll have such a nice time together. Then they invite you in the house (and that’s basically the point of placing an order). You come through the door (equivalent of buyer paying for the order). You step In the house and suddenly your host again telling you “hi, how are you, I’m so happy to see you”

I would be a bit confused :neutral_face: you just said hi, we had a conversation and you are greeting me again.


So the only chats you have always result in an order so it’s no big deal to you? I honestly am shocked but ok, we are all different.

If there is chat before placing an order, there is no point of chatting anymore on order page unless you need additional info.

I agree that sellers should answer buyers when they ask them something, but if you have all the info for order, I don’t see point of chatting all the time. Many sellers are working on order till they are done and then they are chatting whatever they need.

@mariashtelle1 is completely right about it


I cannot believe you guys get orders which you do not respond or greet! Holy cow.

Someone has just trusted you with a job and paid money to you. You can’t be bothered to send a welcome message? ok. This is mind blowing. :exploding_head: