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Seller hasnt sent full files


I am a new user of this and i asked for a logo to be designed. I went for their top package and they sent drafts through. I liked them and thought these were the final product so i paid thinking thats when i was supposed to.

When i tried to use them i realised they were just the drafts and asked for the full res versions, they sent through 1 but there are another 4 they havent and its been 3 days.

There was a promise in the gig od social media kits 3d versions etc but i have received none of that,

Is there anything i can do ( i have messaged them a lot)


Your message is a bit confusing. You normally pay before you get anything at all, though some sellers volunteer to send you free samples. You order a package and pay for the logos that you want and only then should the seller send you anything at all. If the seller wants to send you draft versions prior to delivery, they can do that, but you’ve already paid, you just haven’t marked the order as complete.

Once the seller sends you a delivery using the delivery button, that should be the final product. You don’t have to mark it complete if it isn’t as described or the real final product, you can hit the button to request revisions. I’m a bit confused as to what you actually did and what the seller actually did. You may have to contact Customer Support if you bought a package and the seller used the delivery button to send you incomplete files. Hopefully, you did not mark the order as complete. If you need to reach Support you can do so here: Customer Support


Hiyah They did use the deliver button for incomplete files, they sent drafts ( which in fairness they looked good) i said yes thinking i had to release payment to them. THey then sent one final ( also good) but the deal was for 5 final products , social media kits etc etc.
I presumed that was coming and pressed complete ( also because its my first time and i thought it would be fine.

They are still in contact but are sayign yes, and doing nothing. It a bit strange as they have clearly already done the work but jsut havent sent them to me.

I have opened a ticket, to see if fiverr can nudge them a little as it was a 24 hour job that is now 5 days,