Seller **** he can do the job but I am not sure would you?


Hi Guys,

Just some advice - I have a person who I have had an offer to make my website which has an extremely difficult database and I am not sure if they can handle the job and they have quoted $500 and everything I ask they are saying yes to - I am happy to try and see if they can do it but was wondering if they couldn’t deliver or do it correctly is there any way I could loose the money I paid for it.

Thanks in advance



Well no you wouldn’t loose the money, you get what you paid for. If the seller can’t deliver, you get your money back. Some sellers will try to wiggle out by delivering a silly note saying they are almost finished. What I prefer is if the seller says they will deliver in 3 days and they fail to do so, either ask them to cancel the order or ask for an extension in the delivery time. If your gut tells you that something is wrong press that resolution button without hesitation.


Find a way to do this in stages or to get them to do a smaller version first. Do not commit $500 to someone you do not know and have not seen deliver anything yet.
It is actually possible that you could get a finished product that you are not 100% happy with. You would then need to discuss what happens with the seller and perhaps get CS involved. It is not as simple as just cancelling the order if you are unhappy with the result. That would be extremely unfair on the seller who could have spent a lot of time working on it.

There are many sellers who will say yes to anything, just to get the sale and then run around trying to find how to do it. I see some posts on the forum asking for assistance or how to do things. It will be well worth it to even do a $50 trial order where you get them to work on a smaller version of what you want. That will maximize the chances that the seller can do what you need.


Hi Guys

thanks for the advise I have given the seller a 6 page document detailing exactly what I am after and been talking with them for a few days i am just a little unsure if they can actually deliver it and do it within 10 days as that does seem too short.




I have no expertise on that kind of job but you should exercise due diligence before placing the order.
As far as I can tell, all you have to go on is a seller who says he can do what you ask. You do not know this person, you have not ordered from them before and you haven’t seen any of their work but you are considering placing an order of $500 with them.
I know I seem extremely pessimistic but I prefer to say cautious. I have had a large amount of successful experiences as a buyer on Fiverr and the reason for this is because I am cautious and do my homework before ordering. With any order, you should ensure that it is the PRODUCT that attracts you, not the PRICE. When the only attractive thing is the price, I tend to be more suspicious rather than jump at it.


I think if you can break that down into timed phases of $100 each, for 3 days at a time, with a day or two in between so you can see how it’s going it would work better for you.

Make five separate orders of $100 each. Tell him what you expect to be done at each of the phases.

Does he have great feedback? Does he communicate well? Does he have example of others he has done, with his name on them somewhere?

When you say a large data base, is this something where he can make the site and you can add the data, or he will be adding the data base? That sounds like a complex job for the usual fiverr sellers. I’ve not seen any sites made here that use large databases although I’ve not looked around at a lot of them.

I hope you come back and let us know how it works out!