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(Seller) How do I make a transactions once an order has been completed?


I completed an order today, the money was sent through and my buyer posted a review. Originally my buyer sent an order for a basic gig ($5) when what she wanted needed a few extras.

I sent the extra offers, and proceeded to complete the order and sent it to her. I only noticed after everything had been done that I only got paid for the original basic gig order, and apparently I had withdrawn the offer extras, which I don’t remember ever doing.

So how can my buyer send me the money after the order was complete?

I hope there is a way!!


Ask the buyer to add a tip ( extra charge ) in the same order ( completed one ) :slight_smile:

Did the buyer accept the extras? If they didn’t you won’t get paid.

Reply to @alysmcdonough: I don’t think they had the chance.
For some reason it showed up as cancelled on MY end, i don’t remember cancelling them, even by mistake

Reply to @shinuikha8: They can still tip in a completed order? Thank you! I’ll let them know.
I really appreciate it!