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Seller! how do you get access to buyers Facebook page for running ads?

Hi sellers!
How do you get access to buyers’ Facebook managers to run their ad campaigns?


I suggest you research how Facebook ads work.

This isn’t it.


I want to know how can a fiverr seller get access to their buyers facebook page, because it needs friend request then the buyer can give access.

Oh I see. You want to set up ads for a client. You didn’t say that. Proper communication is important.

Well that would require you to get private information from your client, which breaches the ToS. Have you read the ToS? And have you sought explicit permission from CS to do this?

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You need to set up a Facebook Business Manager account. I will let you look into that yourself.


Thank you :slight_smile:

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Imagine accepting payment from someone for a service when you don’t even know the process for doing that service.

Imagine asking people in a forum how to do your job instead of looking it up.

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I am not providing the service but I was curious that how seller do that process without preaching the TOS. Thank you for your valuable information.

Always good to explain that. Otherwise people won’t know.