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Seller - how to get gig site link?


Hello I’m trying to share a link to promote my site but I’m not seeing a share ability and when I copy and paste the link it says the site is block. HELP


Try this link. :small_red_triangle_down:

Alternatively, you can navigate to each gig on the right-hand side.

Scroll down a little and you’ll see these icons to share your gig.



Thank you for your time and for reaching out. Very kind of you!


You’re welcome and all the best with promoting your gigs. :sunglasses:


may I ask you a question? I went to my gig under the categories and my gig isn’t showing…do you know why - t says it’s active?


If you just created a gig it could take time to show up in the search. I searched pet talk/pet sing and didn’t find your gigs – you can always tweak the tags. Cool gigs btw! :smiley:


My Gigs were showing and getting clicks then just disappeared a day ago?
Reported to Fivver but no one there to answer… strange.

Happy to give you a free talking pet for you help, just send a picture with eyes and mouth visible!

What do you do on Fivver?