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Seller I never interacted with before blocked me, but something seems odd

A seller who I had no previous interaction with before blocked me after I messaged her, but this is what I found strange. The seller happens to be from the same country as a seller who I requested to cancel my order.

i never messaged anyone from that country before. There is no way this is a coincidence.

This seller is popular and he had 16 orders in ahead of me for the basic package, but he told me after I messaged him about a different order, that he can’t afford another cancellation on his account. The seller messaged me this BEFORE I messaged the lady from the same country

I asked him if he happened to have another seller account, and he said no that’s not allowed. :rofl:

ETA: The only logical conclusion that I can come up with, is that he has multiple seller accounts, or he is telling other sellers he happens to know personally not to sell to me.