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Seller in a Buyer List!

Today morning i was going through Buyer Requests and i saw something strange a Seller Selling her Gig items in a Buyer List… Dont believe me take a look at the attachment…

This is really unacceptable… i think sellers like these should be given a warning or atleast a thorough Tutorial on how to use buyer request list…

Please share your Thoughts…

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Unfortunately, they do this a lot and I have seen many sellers do this. I know some don’t quite fully understand the point of the system, while others seem to want to take advantage of it which I am sure strongly works against them. I responded to a "buyer request for “write an article” and the seller got offended saying, “I offer this service, why are you sending me a request of your article writing service?!” and I said, “Because you asked for it in the buyer request area.” and I didn’t hear from him again, as I think he realized how ridiculous he was being.

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yes i certainly believe that some sellers who offer such things intentionally should be punished with like a Ban for a Week or so…

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lol you guys should check out the Buyer Requests sections for WordPress sellers, there’s only maybe 5 out of 20 “requests” that come from buyers, the rest are all dudes selling stuff.

I agree with you. I see such sellers ads too in the buyers request which is sometimes irritating.
Request to Fiverr, please pay attention on this issue to stop such improper activities.


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I make a habit of sending so now and then the message below to people who spam the Buyers Request Section (what is in the meantime worthless due to these idiots):


Please don’t promote your gigs in the Buyers Request section.
Only sellers read it and all of them get annoyed when they have to skip all the promotions of gigs that don’t belong there.
It’s also useless for you as there no buyer is reading this section. Promote your gigs via social media or somewhere else.

Kind regards,


Yeah that’s not right :frowning:


in buyer sections for writing gigs, i have checked and all are from sellers selling. no request even one is from a buyer

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Just messages another 10. Some of them also violating the TOS by sharing there direct contact information.
I think this whole section has become useless for serious sellers and buyers.
Thank you Fiverr for doing nothing about it.


Well, this doesn’t help them to increase sell. Its “Buyer Request” some people think it might mean request for buyers. It should be “Buyers’ Requests” to make it clear that buyer post requests there.

It’s an annoying habit some sellers have.

i infact contacted one of the seller and told him not to do that… to which he Replied…This

“It’s none of your Business… You mind your own business … you are not my boss on fiverr to command me…” To which i replied

" My dear friend iam not your boss… but iam also a fellow seller like you … the reason i warned you is for your own good… because you may get banned from Fiverr… That was my primarry aim and nothing else…"

He replied me with some Abusive language… i just ignored him from there on…


Well the seller should avoid this!

Its not fair.

In the logo design category I find every day at least 20-60 request from sellers.

I usually message 5-10 of them per day. Usually their English is so poor, that it’s clear where the misunderstanding comes from.

What I find very curious is that every once in a while I see requests like:

“only for buyers! I offer…”


Hello mam

i know but he started abusing me !

i can understand that is most competetive n fierce category of all here …

I have also found this and this is very bad practice.