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Seller insisting I pay him thru paystack link

I posted a request to have someone make me an app, and when I reached an agreement with some developer, he sent me a weird link (so-called paystack link) to pay instead of just send me a normal offer within our chat window itself!

He also claimed that by doing that, I will be merely “depositing” the money to Fiverr not to him (which means that it will only be released after I’m 100% satisfied with the delivery).

So, is that safe and legit???


Of course not, it’s not safe and it’s not legit.
Report and block that person right away.


Read the ToS and think critically and then you’ll have your answer.

Why on earth would this be safe?

And it’s not even possible! You can’t decide to get paid elsewhere and also complete that order.

Read the rules.

Hesprobably axammig you to avoid paying you or trying to get you to open a malicious link or hesitation trying to scam Fiverr.

Why would you even consider letting someone scam Fiverr out of getting paid?

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Report and run from this seller!

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