Seller is a con


I,m disappointed that the person who said the would do my request. HAS NOT DONE ANYTHING. then tried to keep my money. What do I do?


Cancel the order…


Cancel the order and in future split your gig in smaller gigs and pay as the project progress. This will reduce any chance of conning

Hope this reply is helpful


Contact the seller, may be he is busy somewhere… He has a life too, if he does not deliver within time frame you have every right to cancel the order.


It’s not clear what’s happened here. Can you clarify?

Presumably you ordered from the seller, hence the money exchange.

Did the seller deliver anything at all? If not, you can cancel and get a refund.

Did the seller deliver but not what you asked for? Then ask for a revision from the seller before you accept and complete the order.

Did the seller deliver but not what you asked for and you accepted the delivery marking the order as complete anyway? Then that was a mistake on your part, and difficult to rectify though you can try contacting customer support.

Did the seller deliver and you think it isn’t what you asked for, but they think it is? Try to work it out with the seller. Perhaps there was some ambiguity in the requirements.

If something else, please explain.


The seller agreed to do my offer of work. He didn’t do the work and said sorry I am poor and cannot do the work. Please send me some money I am poor and have no business. The money has been taken from my bank account I just need to know how to cancel and get a refund. Seems a simply case of Seller trying to mislead a buyer saying that he has done the work when he hasn’t


Did you open a ticket with Ficerr customer support?

You should. Fiverr needs to not only refund you, but also ban this user from ever using the site again.


Hi Frank

My sentiments exactly…thanks I’ll open a ticket