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Seller is a scammer? how to report?

I have proof that my seller scammed me with a fake gig. I used resolution center, but after submitting the long winded story, I got no confirmation or further instructions from there. Is there a way to verify that they got it?

The expectation of a response in less than 24 hours is ridiculous and part of the ugly impacts of the Internet and email.

I’m guessing I didn’t provide enough info on this. The seller is claiming to be from the USA, selling a service that provides “solo ads” which in case you don’t know, is a form of email marketing. He provided “proof” screen shots showing my message being sent. The software appearing in the screen shot looks like a very crude/amateur looking HTML page with a submit form on it. In one of the screen shots, the seller accidentally left his real e-mail on the screen. I decided to Google his email address, only to find a text file, that was a copy/paste template with everything he said to me, word for word. Apparently there is a “money making program” out there that tells people to offer fake solo ads services, provides the fake webpages for screen shots, etc.

My 2nd screen shot seems to be cut off

I’d recommend that you contact support directly at this link: and include all the screenshots/details of your issue. All the best to you.

I did this about 8hrs ago, I only got some BS automated response saying response time was “a bit longer than their usual 1hr” 8+hrs is more than “a bit” i think… I guess I’ll send another.

If you send another ticket, it actually delays the process. If they haven’t responded to your inquiry within the time frame they gave you, then contact them on Facebook or Twitter with the ticket number you were originally issued.

I’ll try that now, thanks globalva. I wish you worked for Fiverr, I actually get helpful responses from you, meanwhile Fiverr seems to be ignoring me :)>-

When hard earned money is involved, and it is taken quickly and a scam happens or you do not get what you paid for… then, of course, when the people that took your money quickly respond to your situation slowly or return your money slowly… yes, it’s ugly.

Fiverr CS sometimes may need long time to consider and response, but they will do it. So don’t worry that they are ignoring you.

All the best to you.

I have also had a scammer affect me. Can someone please post the link to Fiverr CS so I can let them know? He’s marked the gig as complete, but it isn’t and it’s been dragging on and on.

I have a similar issue on this, my seller claimed to be english speaking, send me a badly written article, and when asked to modify goes on a tangent about how my grammar is not correct,…no kidding English is not my first language thats why I am using the service in the first place!!! He or She begins to spam my email inbox and continues to insist that he knows english when it is clear this person does not! so I cancelled and requested a refund and told him I would report his account as he or she is a fake!!. Today I wake up and no emails, but now… I get a warning from Fiverr that I am being unprofessional? is this some sort of joke?

…well I now went into their reviews and it seems there are tons of fake reviews and also complaints. I guess I was right- so how does this person keep their account open? by getting fake positive reviews to cover the bad ones?

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