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Seller is asking me to pay to a bank account

Hi, long story short I recently bought a gig that costs $5, we recently chat and in the end I said that I will buy his gig. Once I bought the gig for $5 he told me that my requirements may be more than $5 ($30) so I told him its fine, but what bothers me is he sent me a link with a bank account details telling me to send the extra to the bank account which for me is a red flag, I told him I don’t have that much money and I’ll cancel my order since it costs too much for me then he replied saying how much I can pay which is another red flag.
Should I continue this gig or should I cancel because I don’t know if this is common


Communication and project payment besides marketplace isn’t allowed at all and it is against the TOS…
If he wanted to extend the gig order price 5$ to 30$ it is totally possible in the marketplace there is no need to pay the price extra in his bank account…

It isn’t common at all it is against TOS(Terms of Services) of Fiverr…

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You should report this kid! This is obviously a red flag and fiverr doesn’t allow transactions outside the gig requirements

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Of course it bothers you. It’s a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service, and no honest seller would do that.

Yes. You might want to cancel through Customer Support, because then you can tell them about the dishonest seller breaking the rules and trying to scam you at the same time. If you do that, they’ll investigate the seller.