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Seller is asking me to remove 3.5 star feedback

When I chose that gig, I did it mainly because of very high ratings of the work and super positive feedbacks to the seller’s work. So when I faced an 18 days delay during which that seller was promising me to deliver the order “today”, “in 3 hours from now”, and “by end of the day” on a daily basis - I was really wondering how she managed to get all that high ratings and positive feedbacks and was it just my bad luck?

I got my answer.
When the seller finally delivered in 22 days instead of the promised 4 days (and to add, I had to raise the order cancellation dispute to finally get that order from her!) I gave her a 3.5-star rating.

My written feedback was balanced, I wrote about both a great quality of the final product, but also about the 3 weeks delay. Shortly after I received a message from the seller asking me to change my rating to 5 stars and to remove my feedback comments. If earlier I had to chase this seller to finally get what I paid for, now I’m receiving these repeating requests from her entire day. … I guess if I don’t remove it the next step will be for this seller to write something ugly about me as a buyer?

My question is if Sellers have such right to request a change of feedback here on Fivver, can we as Buyers even trust this rating system? My experience was quite obvious, I believed all the 5-star comments about the gig and got a crazy pain in the neck for 3 weeks, regretting that I ever used Fiverr.



Remove it ) All simple. Let it go

Sellers are not allowed to request 5-stars from their buyers - it’s against the Terms of Service.

You will have to report it to Customer Support because it’s not allowed, and it’s unethical as well.

That is bad advice.

No, do not remove it if it was a rating well thought that reflects the job that seller did. That’s the whole point of ratings.

Again, soliciting removal of rating, or 5-star ratings, is against the Terms and leads to account suspension.


Do not remove or change your feedback. If you were honest in your review, there is no need to change it. Sellers have no right to demand the change of feedback or harass their buyers, that’s rude and unprofessional, it’s against the ToS, and it can mislead future buyers who will only see perfect feedback on that seller’s profile.

That being said, I think you can’t remove your feedback unless you go through CS, and even then it may not be possible. Your seller can submit a request for you to change it, but I don’t advise you to agree to that.

Finally you have every right to also report the seller. If you don’t want to do that, simply tell her to leave you alone. Hopefully she’ll be reasonable enough to do that.


Influencing a buyer for 5 star rating is completely against the Fiverr TOS. A buyer should review as the seller deserves. You reviewed the gig according to your experience which is a right thing.

This advice is also against the rules, I guess.


You just gave the OP one more reason NOT to trust Fiverr.

Buyers have every right to give any rating the see fit, and harassing them to change their feedback like that seller did is not allowed.


Do you trust reviews on 5r?

Or, do you think it’s useless as the OP (and I)) believe it to be?

I don’t know which reviews are legit and which are fake. I’ve been mislead many times due to fake reviews.


I guess it starts with us - Buyers. If we remove our feedbacks or give fake ones just to help the Seller than we can forget about trusting the rating system and keep playing a Russian roulette with every order.

For example, my Seller offered me a 50% discount on next order if I removed my feedback. I wouldn’t even think of working with her again and don’t want to take my review back for the benefit of future Buyers, but some could be attracted by the offer and follow this trap…


You are right. But nobody is perfect at the first. Sometime you should give a chance to other to stand up, and build up.

There are so many fake reviews on Fiverr for this very reason. Buyers are easily cowed into removing or changing their reviews. No service is perfect and negative reviews are bound to come along the line but if buyers keep letting the pressure get to them, every Fiverr seller would have 5* reviews and terrible service. I still hear of buyers who leave reviews even before an order is delivered, for whatever reason, and those who do it just to make the seller happy to stop disturbing them. If you ask me, buyers are the reason the review system cannot be fully trusted. Not sellers. A review cannot be changed without going through the buyer.


Aside from the fact this is against the rules, which will get her banned if you turned her in, it’s manipulation of the system.

I would have cancelled within 48 hours if her being late. It would have generated a 1 star review by the system.

There are great sellers here. I can attest because I’ve bought many gigs from some amazing professionals. I mean top quality.

I’ve been tricked by several as well.

The bad thing is the professional sellers and fake sellers both have great reviews, some in the hundreds. I still get fooled after buying here several years. :frowning_face:


I wonder how that’s even possible, how do they get positive reviews for not even being what they said they were?

What does a fake seller look like though? Do they offer services that when you order aren’t what they said they would be?

Fake Reviews…no way. A seller doesn’t put a gun to the buyer’s head and say “give me a good review or else”. If a buyer can be coerced into giving reviews he doesn’t want to give, maybe it is the buyers’ weak disposition that is at fault.

Pressure!!! Please give me an example of what pressure a seller can put on a buyer to make them change their rating or give a good rating? Do buyers break under the pressure of being asked to changed the rating. Weak!

to give you an example:
in one of the messages requesting rating change seller was speaking about her serious health issues. In another one, she said that if gig rating goes down the whole her team will stay without a job. In the last one, she simply said it’s a “humble request from one human being to another”. Indeed no one puts a gun to buyer’s head, but these types of sellers are using all possible manipulation / psychological techniques to put pressure on a buyer for a 5* rating.


It’s outrageous that she treated you that way, and also that she asked for a five star review.

I think you were very generous. I would have been furious.


That’s the most unprofessional thing I’ve heard coming from a seller :frowning:

This should be forwarded to Customer Support, this is unethical and unprofessional, and puts a bad mark on the whole marketplace, especially considering that I’ve heard similar stories before :confused:


Report this to customer support.


Are you kidding. This seller took 22 days to deliver. I agree with @gina_riley2 I would have canceled and let the 1-star review go through!


She doesn’t. Don’t remove the feedback and tell her that you will report her if she doesn’t stop bothering you. She violates the ToS of Fiverr.


If because of the 22days delay you missed your deadline then you should give 1 Star instead of 3.
Lets say you order without discussing this first and after you order seller told you directly that "it’s to much work and it will take more time to achieve quality work"
Plus you agreed that yes it was a big project then i think

Delay isn’t that important. Again if she didn’t discuss this and tricked you to buy more time and next thing you know it took 3 weeks then it’s

  • 1 Star if deadline was important

  • 3 Star if deadline wasn't important (you did good there)