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Seller is black mailing me

Please help me guys ! i am in small freelance team and we get a projects here and there. i got in contact with seller via fiver. Send him orders but after few days he starter working late or barely working . At the moment this is my 2nd projecy with him in the first project he black mailed me to give him more orders and send him a good review if i did then he will complete the work i was in a bad spot and we werr about to lose our client so i did order him and then he told me to put review i did that but after that i thought his attitude would be change but no the first project got cancelled because he work so late that our client cancel the order just to make an estimate the project should be completed in a week but he took 40 days . and then the same thing happing now clienet is waiting agin and he told me if i give him good review he will complete the ■■■■■■ work but no i did accep all the orders again but he stopper responding me everyday i sent him 30 to 40 messages but just reply that i am working thats it or i am going to sleep. please help me guys how can i sort this issue !! please


That seller broke fiverr TOS two times just judging by this one sentence.

Report them to fiverr CS. It’s against fiverr TOS to ask for a review and it’s against fiverr TOS to deliver incomplete or empty delivery plus he also broke the rules blackmailing you to complete the order and withholding your delivery.


Fiverr Terms of Service (

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Thank you so much maria. Let me contact fiver and i will let you know what haooned


I am so sorry for your experience! Do as @mariashtelle1 said. I am pretty certain once the seller is investigated, they may lose their seller account and not rip anyone else off nor blackmail them. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I do not see a review from the seller on your account. Usually after you leave a review, the seller will review you? :thinking:

Do you mean you canceled the first order with the seller? :thinking:

Why did you order from this obviously incapable seller for a second time? :thinking:


contract support. fiverr team will help you

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As a user on fiver you should read and understand the Fiver TOS. Other wise you have to face this kind of issues. Without knowing the fiver terms how do you know how fiver works. Comparing with other platforms fiver is designed in most easiest and efficient way to buy and sell digital services. You no need to do what your buyer/seller is requesting you to. First read and understand the TOS after that you will never complain like this as “Please help me guys!”

Also you have never connected before with the forum as your reading time is very poor as 3 minutes. Keep in touch with the forum to have a better understand.

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Sorry to hear that. Why did you placed another order when you knew that he is no good?
Report him to fiverr CS.

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No, I use my 2nd account to purchase

Okay, he basically has all the info, like wordpress, log in , bluehost etc i thought if i refuse to give him review he will change the password and or do anything that can i harm me. Its just project was in a crucial spot that i didn’t have enough confidence to tell him that i will cancel the order i knew it because of his behaviour that will either delete the site or change the password. its just i dont know much about that stuff.

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It is against Fiverr’s TOS to have more than one account. You can be both a seller and a buyer with one Fiverr account. It is best if you delete one of them.

That makes sense. I hope CS can help you.

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