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Seller is delivering copyrighted content

So I work on music videos category and create music videos with licensed royalty free stock footage . I check similar gigs in my category to see how the competition is doing every now and then .

I noticed a guy which footage(clips) are of amazing quality and it is impossible to have such quality with royalty free media . I checked some of his samples and it seems like he is getting the clips directly from movies which is illegal . I caught 2-3 scenes from movies which I could recognize and I have watched in the past .

As a consequence, he is getting quite the amount of orders because he is selling at less than half my price (because it is very easy eventually to extract the footage from already made films) and getting very nice reviews (obviously, poor customers are getting hollywood movie quality for a few bucks which will get copyright striked later )

Should I report this guy ? Will customer support deal with it ?

I think this is also unfair competition .

I’d report him if you are 100% certain of the copyright clips.

Otherwise, you may sound like you are whining (I’m on your side here).

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Just sent the report .

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