Seller is either a scammer or an idiot


So I just ordered a job from a seller of delivering three pencil sketches of photographs I submit. I sent the seller three photos of cars and told them that I was looking for just a sketch of the foreground car, ignore the background, and letting them know I have a lot so if they were interested in more work it would be coming their way. On the sellers page he/she had three examples, all are clearly pencil sketches (what was being advertised) with the artists signature. I told the seller to take longer than 24 hours of needed, as clearly I would be getting a great deal for three sketches for 5 bucks.

What I got back were 5 images where the seller had just taken my photographs, run them through the Photoshop “Sketch” filter, cut out the background, and sent them back. Actually they send both the version with the background and the one without. Not at all what was advertised or portrayed on their page as examples of the work being provided. I could have done this in Photoshop in about 30 seconds a piece.

Not sure what the rules are on posting who the seller is, but just wanted to rant and give people a heads up on this new seller. Their page is NOT representative at all of what they’re delivering. They show off 3 nice, actual pencil sketches, and what you get are your photos 1-clicked through a Photoshop filter.

Anyways, just a warning to all of you buyers and good sellers out there.


Looks to me like sketch filter or program that does pencil sketch. Just so you know pencil sketch and the portrait sketches are hard to understand as well.


Yeah, no response yet, but it’s only been about 12 hours since delivery. I’m probably being hasty, but the response just smelled of scam. Their text read:

"How are you.

I hope you are fine.

i sketch more pictures just for yiou dear.

see all pictures.

I like your picyures.

Very nice dear.




Perhaps I’m just put off by the number of scammers on craigslist with similarly worded messages. I wouldn’t hold it against someone for having less-than-stellar English skills, I think it’s just that the message in combination with the obvious deviation from the advertised service pissed me off.


Yep, that’s defiantly a photoshop sketch filter!


Not sure what you mean that they are hard to understand. Can you explain more? Looks like the seller agreed to a mutual cancellation. I think they need to update their profile/page to reflect the service they actually provide. Not sure anyone can force that, however, but would hate others thinking they’re getting something they aren’t.


Always opt for the discussion method first. If however the seller displays an negligent attitude or unwillingness to attain an amicable solution then lock and load the negative feedback as a warning to other potential buyers.


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