Seller is falsely advertising and won't cancel order


I bought an order for $15 that ended up being 4 pages of stuff you can google in two minutes. The seller is informing the buyer of a certain way of thinking in his info for his Fiverr but when I bought it, there was none of that information in there and only information I and other people with a quick google search knows.

I don’t care if I get my money back or not but how can we get someone like this from falsely advertising and taking peoples money after we realize they aren’t delivering what they said they would?


You got two choices:

  1. Leave appropriate feedback for said seller OR
  2. Take this matter to Customer Support.

If you’re after a certain service then its best to check a sellers track record if any. To be safe in the future, purchase a test gig (5USD) to see if the delivered product is to your liking. If it is, then proceed to purchase more if not, move on to another seller.


There’s no way to contact customer support. I’ve tried on Facebook and it doesn’t work. I’ve also tried via this website and I keep getting errors. I guess the only recourse is a bad review.


Here’s the link if you would still like to bring this to their attention.


Have you tried opening a ticket with CS?


I tried a ticket. I keep getting errors. Thank god it was only a small Fiverr. I don’t plan on buying expensive ones now. Screw that.

The ticketing system to contact customer service doesn’t even work. Their Facebook doesn’t even work! That’s the first time I’ve ever heard of that happening.

Fiverr is a great idea but it only works with customer service. No customer service, bad idea.


Have you complained to the seller? That’s really bad. If the money isn’t important to you, leave an accurate review to warn others.


I can’t leave a review now, it seems to be in “rejected” status. I don’t know when that will change?


The seller I dealt with is clearly ripping people off. He sold me a 3 page text file for $15, while another seller sold me a 50 page text file for $5! And, with more and better information that can’t be found in a two-minute google search like the other seller that is ripping us off.


I don’t know about that, sorry, but hopefully it will let you leave a review soon.


When an order is rejected, the buyer requires the seller to revise the delivery to fit the buyer’s requirements. The seller is prompted to deliver again and both users are encouraged to communicate on the order page to sort out any issues with the delivery. The seller is not timed on delivering their revisions.

As sellers, you will see an orange ribbon on the order page to prompt you to deliver again.
A buyer will see a message indicating that revisions were requested to the seller.


Thanks, I’ll wait then. Hopefully other people will skip him. He even told me he was getting off of Fiverr, I guess make some quick bucks and leave.


There’s nothing to revise in my instance, he’s selling everyone the same thing: information. It’s not a one-off order that you create specifically for a customer.


Perhaps, but the “status” your order is in, decides what happens, system-wise. If you keep requesting revisions and the seller keeps re-delivering, the order won´t get out of the “rejected” status, which means you can´t leave a review.

The main options you have if a seller did not deliver what was agreed upon/their gig states, are either asking for a cancellation (if the seller accepts, you´d get a refund but won´t be able to leave a review), or to accept the delivery (you won´t get a refund but are able to leave a review).

Of course, you can always contact customer support as well, if you aren´t sure about something.


He copied 3 pages off the internet and is selling it for $15? I’m flabbergasted.


It depends what was offered for $15 - we don’t know what was ordered.

Some folks would pay way more than $15 for good internet research - without knowing, we can’t say whether it was expensive or not.

It could have been ‘how to cut your electricity bill in half’ - $15 could be jolly good value. :wink:


He didn’t copy the information, it’s just trash information that anyone can easily find.

I paid $15 for a 3 page text file of information that people already know to make money performing: work clean. He also falsely advertised what he was selling and didn’t fulfill his end of the deal.


But you paid him to find it, to save you the trouble?


I’ll tell you what I paid for, he’s a comedian who said he would tell you how he made his money, he said work clean. Everyone already knows this, how often do you see non clean ideas on a radio, a television, a book? This is common knowledge.

He then said in his Fiverr description that he would teach you how to make money even if you don’t have clean material, he just said use clean material. Genius!


So you mean he said not to use dirty jokes? That’s it? That’s not even really good advise; it depends on the venue.

A comedian who is successful wouldn’t be selling advise on fiverr.