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(Seller) is not accepting messages at this time

This is a message that is on the messages of a potential seller. I have worked with him before and his work was great. We were planning a new section to my website. What does this message mean? When I click on his profile I do to his profile page.


Screenshot please? (With usernames hidden.)

Fiverr| Only visible to you

Seller’s name is not accepting messages at this time.

(This is what is said)

This is below our messages on my gig page.

He has been removed from Fiverr. I went to his gig page and clicked on a gig. They say he is removed from Fiverr.

Oh. Okay then. He did something that got him either suspended or banned.

Yes, a pity as his work was excellent!

Just so you know, another reason why you would get that message is if the seller (or a buyer) blocks you from corresponding with them or ordering from them.

Sounds like your guy got the boot for something though, so we can say “it was them”, not you, who messed up.


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Without seeming to be advertising at all, what sort of work is it, Hand Coding or Copy in WordPress?


I think he has been suspended by fiver. Maybe he violated fiver TOS.