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Seller is paying 1$ for 5star reviews


What is wrong with people? There is a buyer’s request in the “virtual assistant” category where a seller offers to buy a 6$ gig IF you buy him a 5$ gig first and leave him a 5 star review. After he delivers his gig he will buy a 6$ gig to “return the favor”.
Just a way to obtain 5 star reviews paying 1$ for them. I don’t think tha’ts fair for all the hard working seller here on Fiverr.

Here’s what he wrote:
“I need someone to leave a positive 5 star rating on my gig,
here it goes, you will order a $5 gig from me and I will complete your
order, and you will leave some positive rating on my gig.
I’ll also order a $6 gig from you to return your money”

I noticed that buyer’s request don’t have a “report” button like the private messages. I think it would be very useful in cases like this one.

(BTW he already has 16 offers)


Please report it to customer support


Already done :slight_smile: but I suppose it’ll take a while before Customer Support reads my report.
That’s why I think it would be useful a “report button” on buyer’s request as well.


That is zero work. I buy a gig at 5$ I will be charged 6$. If you buy my service at 5$ I will receive 4$- paypal fees.


Very weird !
Fiverr CS usually goes through the requests and approves them before allowing them to be public…


He’ll buy a 6$ gig. But that’s not the point :stuck_out_tongue:


I think the seller was very clever starting with “I need someone to”.


Isn’t it lovely when people like this introduce their two brain cells to one another?


I will charge $5 per star in the review. So for a full 5 star review, that’s a total of $75. :wink:


He will buy at 6$ - 20% - paypal fees. it’s still zero… When I checked the BR section I am left to assume that the requests are not really approved by real people but rather by a machine which looks at specific key words in order to approve or disapprove.


Exactly (on both your points)


Frank, wouldn’t that be $25? ($5x5 :star:) :thinking:



to leave a seller a 5 star review, one must provide a total of 3 5 star ratings in 3 different categories. :slight_smile:

so that’s a $75.

I will also charge an additional $25 for 24 hour rush delivery. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think he meant on all thre categories. :stuck_out_tongue:


@espumita exactamundo!! :smiley:


True that. Gotchya! :thumbsup:


No it’s 75. The fiverr :star: has 5 sides. 5$ for each side multiply by the number of sides.


@phantompower Yes that’s another way to see things I quess! :smiley:


The requests can´t all be checked by people, no way some of those I´ve seen would have passed then.


Yes, it’s impossible that all buyer’s request can be checked by people. That’s why I think a “report button” would help.