Seller is refusing to accept my cancelation


I placed an order with a seller that told me he could do what I wanted done…after another seller said it could not be done the way I wanted. I thought, ok maybe the first guy didn’t know what he was talking about. The second seller sent me two clips of the video and it looked ok. Then when he sent me the entire video all the colors were wrong. (A red car was now orange and an orange truck now pink, among other problems.) He then tried to fix it but again some coloring was totally off…he then stated what I wanted done couldn’t be done because the video looked as if “The person filming had never picked up a camera before.” His English is not good yet he said he spoke English fluently. I want my money back. I have placed a number of orders on Fiverr and never had a problem. If this is not resolved and my money returned to me I am done with Fiverr.


There’s nothing any of us on the forum can do to help I’m afraid.

You’ll need to contact customer services.


like @offlinehelpers said, contact CS. They will investigate the entire thing and your order will be canceled if they find the reasons to be genuine.


There are clear procedures on Fiverr how to resolve this kind of issues via the resolution center. There is not one single forum user who can solve this for you.

On the experience itself: professional color correction/grading (most likely for $5,-) = not gonna happen. It’s a craft, not a hobby.
You have to deliver the footage in a proper delivery format and codec in order to get this kind of things done. In most cases both parties (buyers and sellers) don’t know what they are talking about. The result is a frustrated seller who works with pirated software and a disappointed buyer who was wondering why pro’s are asking pro prices.
No pun intended, but the cheap gigs in this field on fiverr are for soccer moms, not for people who expect professional results.