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Seller is refusing to accept my cancellation

Please help me, I have cancelled my order after agreeing with seller, but after I have cancelled seller is refusing to accept my cancellation


Really you should be talking to CS, not randoms in a forum.

However if you give us ALL the info around this situation, we may be able to give some broad advice.

I will say tho that a Seller does not have to accept a Cancellation, esp if they have done the work to buyer specifications (in line with their portfolio) already. A cancellation request really needs to have a solid reason (think moral) before it can be considered fair.



go to the above link and contact customer support. explain what happened.

they will cancel the order for you.

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Of course, the seller does not want to cancel. Each sale counts as score. With these points the seller climbs to the levels and ranks better and has more work. With the cancellation of the order he loses points and job. If you didn’t want to spend time someone, you didn’t even have to order.


Did you really joined the forum so you could say that?

Why would anyone lie to OP? If he send a ticket to Customer Support they will look into the case, at which point they will make a decision on whether or not to cancel the order.

OP: Filling a chargeback with PayPal will get your account banned, which is most likely the reason this person advising you has a brand new account. Not that I think this is too much of an incentive not to do it, but just thought you should be aware.


Hey there! How are you?

I understand your situations. I’m also a seller. You wouldn’t believe there is much affect of cancelations on a seller profile.
But there is a options for you

  1. You can mutually cancel
  2. Better option- Contact with the customer support and explain everything and tell them every but my request please do not give any bad Report or feedback about seller.
    I know you are a good person. That’s why you are here for help. I hope you will also understand the sellers situation.
    Thank you

Are you serious?
Then why you still sign-up with fiverr and join in this forum?
Fiverr is the place for professional buyer and seller.
and yes…, sometimes bad things happen…, but this is how business works!

Been working with Fiverr Platform for two and half year…, got several bad buyers, some cancellation, bad rate, bugs, etc…,

Still, in my case…, Fiverr CS is very helpful.


Same experience here, I echo ridwansugi.

I can’t say anything too bad about Fiverr. Yes, at times, it’s tricky to navigate ‘the system’ but the longer you stay, the more it makes sense. :slight_smile: I joined Fiverr once and gave up…it was really challenging in the beginning. But after a year or so, I gave it another shot and it all worked out.

And Fiverr customer support really do their best but they need good quality information, screenshots etc, to respond well. There are a few gems among the CS personnel; I always thank my lucky stars when a certain name pops up as helping me. :slight_smile: They are only people with all the same junk going on in their lives as we have, and I think most times, they try.

I think it is also quite difficult to work on cases that pass from CS person to person, so they have to try and understand a problem partway through when it’s already partly addressed by someone else. Not the simplest task.

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why you like to cancell the order ?