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Seller is sending me nasty messages in the attachment form, what should I do?


I’ve been buying various gigs from various sellers for a long time and never had an issue with anyone until now.

First of all, the seller’s instructions were confusing and on top of all, he didn’t read my instructions before completing the work. When he did it was a disaster and I asked him to fix it, but didn’t hear from him. He finally responded and asked to fix the mistakes. I gave him another chance and he messed up again! I asked to cancel the order and he refused, asking me to give him another chance. I did give him another chance, but he messed up again! I gave him a bad review and he is been bugging me for the last 3 weeks to give him another chance. I decided not to do that since he had plenty of chances. Now he asked if I could request the refund, so the review can be removed. I sent the request to the resolution center, but have not heard from them yet.

In the meantime, he started sending me these nasty messages and not in the open letter, but in the attachment, so I couldn’t proof later that he is the one that is doing it. He is saying that if I don’t delete the review, he will leave 10 bad reviews on google or yahoo!!! Unbelievable!! So, what should I do??


Wow. Excuse my language, but F*** him! Don’t allow someone to scare you into doing something different than what you already done. I definitely wouldn’t change the negative feedback nor request to have it removed. Other buyers need to know how awful he is. I would just click the “report as spam” link to block his messages and contact customer support.


What’s the worst that’ll happen if he leaves you 10 bad reviews? In the grand scheme of the Intervoid… err, the Internet, how much actual damage do you think it’ll do to you? Not much. Ten reviews in over a million people who have the internet? Psshhh.


@musiclover and @bachas85 nailed it. Do what they say.