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Seller is threatening me

I engage one of the seller online to do my school assignment but it was poorly done considering paying usd120. He keeps claiming he had fulfil the requirements and wanted the delivery to be closed. I can’t accept his delivery and although I wanted to cancel the order or partially fund him with a new order for his efforts. He went on to threaten me by mailing to my professors on the work been done if I wishes to cancel. I am terribly upset of such behavior but by all means he could because I am not going to use the work he delivered.

I don’t know how he could get good ratings and using the threats on me.

For buyer advice: do remove your credentials and contact information to prevent such seller from black mailing.


This is against Fiverr’s terms of service. Do your own homework.


first of all you both broke the TOS , academic services are not allowed


It is not homework exactly rather a project besides I am an working adult and I can outsource the work in order to reduce my load.

Not exactly. It is school project.

It is not homework exactly rather a project besides I am an working adult and I can outsource the work in order to reduce my load.

Not on Fiverr. It’s against ToS. You should read them before going further on the site.

Again, do your own work or go to some site that allows people to order school assignments (which, honestly, is cheating since submitting work you didn’t do yourself is plagiarism if not credited).


I can outsource the school project as a project to seller and I have no problem with it. I am a working adult already and I think that if I cannot manage or handle the expected delivery from my end, I can outsource the work to the Fiverr platform instead.

It is not homework exactly rather a project besides I am an working adult and I can outsource the work in order to reduce my load.

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Then why are you so afraid that your professor will find out that you are “outsourcing” your project?

You and your seller broke fiverr TOS and your seller can also loose his account over this.


SMH :roll_eyes: I am a retired teacher. If one of my professor friends heard you talking like that they would not say it was okay to reduce your workload by outsourcing your school project.

Fiverr ToS States:

Third-party TOS Violation - By taking part in doing someone else’s academic work (which will likely be submitted as the student’s own work) you are actively taking part in a violation of the integrity code of most, if not all, schools and academic institutions. This behavior can lead to the suspension or expulsion of students. Fiverr does not allow taking part in such fraudulent activities.

So as others have said, your seller could get a warning against their account or lose their account for doing your :arrow_down:


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Yes, hopefully they will change their unethical ways.


No, you can’t. That’s academic fraud. And it’s against Fiverr’s rules.


You both have broke the TOS. Fiverr doesn’t accept any academic works.


:shushing_face: :shushing_face:


For buyer advice, don’t order a service that’s strictly forbidden (and then become upset when you realize that the seller who’s willing to break the rules and do something dishonest is also willing to blackmail you).

Your professor might, though.

If someone says “I can rob a bank and I have no problem with it”, that statement might be technically correct (if they are actually capable of robbing banks and don’t mind doing it), but it doesn’t mean that they should do it.