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Seller is using imported assets and ignoring my chat, revision request and cancellation request even though he/she is online


So recently i get a custom order from a seller to make me a 3d model of “Katarina - League of Legends”, he/she offer me a 4 delivery days with 3 revisions. Here is my requirements for the order words by words
" 3d models of Katarina - League of Legends, without the blades.
please do not use downloadable assets or any assets that can be directly imported from the game. I do know about it to some extent and i’ll appreciate it if you dont use any of it :slight_smile: "
And then after just 1 day he deliver my order, but when i check it out it turns out to be a tweaked / modified version of a downloadable / importable asset. I also asked to see the wireframe and as expected it is just a modified version of an importable assets.

After that i asked for revision and i point out again that i dont want him to use any downloaded / imported assets. He accept the request yet he didnt show any progress even though i ask him and chat him.

I ask for a cancellation afterward, he answer my chat promising to send the order in a while. He didnt reject my cancellation request, he answer my chat saying its going to be delivered soon yet after more than 3 hours and its going into 5 hours before deadline. He didn’t send any revision nor answering any of my chat anymore.

What should i do now?

The seller finally respond and he send me the result, it is great compared to prior.

You can reach out to customer service for assistance in cancelling the order if you can’t come to a resolution with the seller. I know nothing about this type of work so I can’t comment on that part, but it sounds like you have sufficient reason to cancel through customer service.

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Cancel the order. If he refuses to accept, go to CS to cancel it. You should report him for using stolen things and changing them, anyway

This seller is full of it. If he could do original work he wouldn’t be operating this way. He isn’t competent or ethical and he hasn’t reformed. He’s only pretending to appease you because you caught him in a deception.


How do i cancel it through CS?

Hi @devinc_sa,

Here’s the link for contacting CS. After placing the ticket, please wait for CS’s response. Depending on their workload, it may take a while for them to get back to you.

Fiverr Customer Support

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Create a ticket > Order Issues > I want to cancel my order.

It should be straight forward from there.



Thank you :smiley:

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You’re most welcome, @devinc_sa!

Hope you get everything solved.

i hope so, thank you :slight_smile:

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