Seller is using my gigs images and part of my descriptions too: what can I do?


Sometimes I like to go Fiverr home page to check for new sellers and gigs offered: honestly, it’s cool to see some very good gig raising and some talented seller becoming a star!!

So a couple of weeks ago (september 27th) I saw in front page a new developer with gig’s image exactly as one of my gig: note that I personally elaborated (most of) my images so I’m sure you can’t simply find them over internet; well, I went to developer Fiverr page and discovered that not only he is using 3 or 4 of my images (copied… or should I say stolen?) but he also copied large parts of my descriptions !!!

Two minutes later I was writing everything to Customer Support, providing links to every gig (compared with my gig); Kevin answered “Thanks for reporting, we will look into this right away.”.

With my big surprise no action has been taken from the seller (still having my images and part of my descriptions) and no answer has been provided from CS. Five minutes ago I got the automatic email asking to rate support: naturally I gave them my first bad review!!

What can I do in your opinion?

EDIT: just to be clear: I don’t mind for the fact itself, I mean, I’m noone, a very normal seller, so a copycat of my gigs doesn’t waste my Fiverr job nor my life! It’s a matter of rules: I’d like Fiverr answering if copycat is legal or not inside its site!! Depending on the answer we know what we are allowed to do and what we’re not allowed to do… easy…

UPDATE: copycapt gigs disappeared both from seller page and from search (urls are not responding anymore).

So I think that copying images and/or descriptions from other sellers is not allowed on Fiverr… glad to know !!! :smiley:


Reply to @mark74: Give up on Fiverr? Never! Find another source of income, yes. I’m still here for the organic orders that come in, but I no longer promote my gigs. I started putting paypal buttons on my website.


Don’t you have some family members from Sicily or something? :wink:

But seriously, I understand that it’s frustrating to wait, but it’s probably just taking some time to look into it or possibly waiting on response from person that can take action etc.

Please provide updates though. Interesting case.


Hey, good to see you here.

Follow up your ticket with support :frowning:


Reply to @yeaman77: I reported this on Septermber 27th… do you still think that more time is needed to check this?


Reply to @ozzieuk: hey buddy, compliments for being a real real star here!!!


Reply to @yeaman77: …and no, I haven’t any sicilian ancestor :smiley:


Reply to @mark74: :smiley:


Reply to @mark74: No, that’s too long (to give a reply or at least some kind of update). I thought you were talking with them today :confused:


Reply to @yeaman77: Today I got automatic email asking me to rate CS service (this implies that the ticket has been closed and this is the main reason I got angry…)


Reply to @mark74: Too bad. No “bada bing, bada boom” then :frowning:


Reply to @mark74: Ahh, I see. Would definately create another ticket.


Reply to @ozzieuk: I re-opened the ticket that CS closed and post a not-exactly-kind message. I wasn’t rude, naturally, but I asked them to answer me and tell if Fiverr allows this or not and take proper actions if not. Am I asking too much in your opinion? :wink:


Reply to @kjblynx: I’m monitoring that seller page and his copycat gigs are stll there :wink:


is it not okey for others to copy sellers description?

I mean, its not a very nice thing to do… but does it go against fiverr policies at all?

i see people copying my description all the time… im not joking wen i say about 5 ppl have copied me during a period of about 3 months, i dnt know if i find it annoying or flattering.

but please let me know if it is indeed against fiverrs policies so that i know how to handle this aswell.

good luck to u!


Reply to @seducea: well, copying part of description is a fact; another fact is copying gigs images too :wink:


Reply to @seducea: In the past I saw an interesting (for me) disclaimer on another seller gig; I could have copied that part, but I thought it’s not fair, so I wrote that seller asking the right to realaborate that disclaimer and use it on my gig. She thanked me for being polite and gave me the right to use that. I still haven’t wrote that part on my gigs, but now I know I can…

This is the correct way I think this should work…


Reply to @bachas85: thanks for your answer Barbara! So, do you think I should write the copycat other than report him/her to CS?


Reply to @bachas85: I’ve just wrote him/her… let’s see what happens. I’ve just realized that previously some gig disappeared from his/her profile and has been created from scratch (4 days ago)… I think he/she is trying to fool both me and CS :wink:


UPDATE: copycapt gigs disappeared both from seller page and from search (urls are not responding anymore).

So I think that copying images and/or descriptions from other sellers is not allowed on Fiverr… glad to know !!! :smiley: