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Seller is vanished, unable to contact him

Order was on 200$, he just close the order without deliver all the articles
what should I do?
Fiverr shouldn’t let seller draw the order money without buyer acceptence

a buyer gets three days to accept or reject a delivery. If he doesn’t do it in this time the order is automatically marked as complete after three days. My guess, you didn’t do it. In this case you can contact the CS, they’ll sort something out.


  1. Did the seller “cancel” the order? -----> If they did, they did not get paid = you will be refunded. Contact customer support to make sure you get a refund.

  2. Did you receive the following message on the order page?
    ------> If no, then same situation as #1.
    If yes, was some or none of the work attached to that message?
    ----->If yes, you might need to write a longer message to customer support explaining everything + attaching screenshots, the attachments, etc.

I believe that refunds are given in form of Fiverr credit. So if you do not want Fiverr credit on such a large amount, I suppose you could ask customer service that given the circumstance, could they make an exception . . .

In any case I hope you reply here on the forum because I’m curious.