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Seller is willing to do project for free

I contacted a seller about a particular project. It was a small project. I explained to them how I want it done, and they said they were willing to do it for free just to get some experience. So I agreed. I have them all my required files, and then they never sent me the finished project. Is this against the ToS? This happen to me twice now. And I’m worried they might use my project and plagiarized it.


@ kpay10 Hi,
Take a help from Fiverr Help Resolution Center.
And never offer or let the seller do your project for free they are not trustable.
Don’t worry if its a small project so he can do nothing as well if he was a wrong person so he would never do this. This was his mistake not a Robbery.

Laraib Ayaz


First of all, sellers operate on Fiverr via orders in which buyers purchase their goods/services. Fiverr is not a volunteer or charity platform, and is not set up for free work (although there are many buyers who try to trick sellers into giving away free work).

If a seller is willing to commit to a project for no pay, then they are either a family member, an absolutely desperate seller who hasn’t a clue about the platform, or a fraud.


Fiverr does not allow free projects, it has to be at least 5$.


I don’t know why the seller would choose to do this, he could at least do it at the lowest possible price of $5, so at least he gets experience and money. I’d say you better go off with another seller that would still charge at better value

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Fiverr is not full of volunteers.

We are freelancers and the ‘free’ part of the word does not reference our fee schedules.

All I can say is that you got your money’s worth - twice.

How many more times are you willing to do that?


I definitely learned my lesson not to let a Fiverr seller do my work for free. Since they never send me the work, I’m worried they might claim my work as their own.

@enunciator should I report that person or is it even reportable?

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Operating for free definitely violates Fiverr terms, but accepting the offer from someone saying they’ll work for free might be a little problematic as well.

I can’t really say.

No one should offer free work! They cannot get a review, what they are trying to do is get customers to come back afterwards to have more work done.

They are going to have scammers taking advantage of them.

Fiverr is a business website, not a charity site.

@teachernita yes but in this case, they never sent me the final product after they said they were willing to do it for free.

If I had to guess, they either 1) saw you files and realized they couldn’t do it, or 2) not prioritizing because they’re not getting paid and have no motivation. Or combination of both.

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I think the sensible thing to do would be to learn a lesson from this and quietly move on!

The ‘seller’ shouldn’t have offered work for free, although they do sound either naive or desperate. I personally wouldn’t want them to get a warning from Fiverr though.

And as has been pointed out, you shouldn’t really have accepted work for free - so by alerting customer support, you might get a warning too!

Some times in life it really is best just to let things go and to quietly move on hoping that no one in charge will notice…

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