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Seller just not capable

I needed a companies logo modernised, using a flat design. I chose a level 2 seller with 563 reviews and 4.9.

I provided the current logo and font and he just needed to add the creativity that was evident in his portfolio and gig description, “modern, creative, unique.” 12 days in and we’ve got little to nowhere, very simple font colour changes are ignored and he has not came up with anything close to usable by any company. My last message I asked can he please pay attention to my simple requests and just come up with something creative, and along the same vein of our current logo. He’s told me to sketch something and with this its clear he cannot deliver as described.

His description offers a 100% money back guarantee, should I do this with him or via Fiverr? Also, if you’re given a current logo, a new font and asked to modernise is this possible with $30 or does that amount always get very basic and amateur results?

You must not do anything outside of Fiverr as that is against the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page. Everything is explained in detail there as to how Fiverr works.


Since he is offering a money back guarantee let him deliver the work he did then ask for a refund based on his offering that guarantee and as soon as he says he won’t give back your money ask customer support for a refund based on his guarantee.

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That’s a very vague request. The seller can’t possibly know what you’d feel is creative enough.

That depends on the seller. You might get lucky. Or not, considering that your and seller’s definition of “modern, creative, unique” could be very different.


I think you are wrong. Doing so, the seller asked you to give him a direction.

You can forward the question to any local design agency in the USA, where you live. My opinion is “no”.


I think any seller would be confused by these directions - they seem to be mutually exclusive.

Do you want your seller to be creative or produce something similar to what you’ve already got?


Did you vet this seller before hiring him? I never run into any problem with Fiverr sellers because I always vet them before hiring.

Count it as a loss and hire another seller.

I hope you did not just hire this seller because of his risk-free promise.

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i think he missed your instructions …please repeat your requirements and instructions and if he is still not not paying attention to details then contact CS and switched to next seller … thank you .

It might also be a good idea to send over examples of similar logos that you like. I would work through the Fiverr resolution option only after he is unwilling to continue work to give you what you want.

The definition of insanity is doing the exact same thing over and over again and expecting different results so repeating the requirements and instructions would be an insane thing to do…The best thing the buyer can do is to move on and find another seller.


Apologies, my post here was vague. I had sent a short video of the product and explained in its entirety what it does. The sellers gig description stated he can provide a “modern, creative, unique” logo. The original logo has 3 shoes lined horizontally, I want these linked together to form a logo. From his portfolio I told him examples of ones I liked.

Before committing I checked all his previous work, and his reviews. I’ve found the shoes he used on adobe stock, I provided the font, so essentially all he’s done is add a box around adobe stock shoes, nothing special, literally a box, a 2 second PS job.

that doesn’t mean anything , you sound like some of my buyers :)) … Designing something is very subjective , adding ‘’ creativity ‘’ might mean something to him that’s different to you

What’s clear exactly ? He wants to see what you are talking about , what exactly do you need , it actually means that you were not clear with the request.

hmmmm, there’s not much more you can give someone than what I’ve already given. Here’s an old logo, here’s the company demo’ing the product on primetime tv, heres a font to use and your only job is to link them. I could not be clearer in what is needed

It depends on many factors,we’re all different it’s just a matter of taste

It would be interesting to see the original logo (and the demo). A designer should be able to identify eventual problems and then justify his choices. It seems that there is little room for modifications, given the fact that the font is already given and there must be three shoes.