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Seller keep declining my dispute for late delivery ... now what?

I am a buyer and developer myself. I needed help with a project and posted a request with very specific technical requirement for a task that would take 3-5 hours from an experience developer on the issue and so priced my request. I received an offer and did double check with the seller by message what I need and the issue and if he is confidant he is able to deliver on time , after agreeing I accepted his offer.

He was unable to deliver on time and honestly I don’t think he was up to the task after I talked with him but I gave the the benefit of the doubt. Well, he was unable to deliver on time as I expected, I requested a cancellation for the order, but he kept declining my order telling me I will send now but now never come, I keep dispute and he keep decline.

What now ? how can I resolve this without wasting any more time, is there any way to contact Fiverr support as I couldn’t find any link that didn’t hit a wall at the end. … thank you

Well, if the expected delivery is less than 24 hours (which your post may imply), you need to wait until the official delivery timer is up and one day late, as that’s how the Fiverr system works. You can’t enforce 3-5 hour delivery, so if that’s your issue, it’s simply not facilitated on Fiverr’s platform.

If the seller has already put in work on the project (and it’s not technically late), I could understand why he doesn’t want to cancel. Of course, if it is late at all (according to the order page), it’s your prerogative to cancel.

Off course it is 24 hours and I did wait for more than 24 hours. Putting aside the fact that I don’t think he is able to deliver, I am a developer and and try to set the correct expectations … thank you for your feedback

First, you need to tone down the attitude. Your condescension is neither necessary nor productive. After this, you’re going to need to find someone capable of doing the work you request, and approaching him or her like this isn’t going to help you any (I understand that you’re frustrated, but you have to know how to communicate properly).

Second, in reality, being “a developer” has nothing to do with the expectations you set in the sense that expectations are wholly subjective:

A chef could say, “I know authentic Mexican cuisine very well, so I’m going to dictate my order to a Taco Bell employee. Since I’m a chef, I can set the expectation that this food has A, B, and C, as that’s what authentic Mexican has.” Well, that doesn’t make a whole lot of difference since the chef’s expectations don’t match up with what Taco Bell has proven itself to be capable of, which is subpar Tex-Mex at best. This error is on the chef’s part. And really, how good of a chef is he if he can’t look at the Taco Bell menu and know the “correct expectations” (and do not take this as my criticizing your personal developing skills, as I’m more talking about the manner in which you hire).

When choosing a seller, be sure the impression they give you before in communication and/or their gig gallery (likely both) match the level of work you need.

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My expectation were clear, get the job done in 24 hours which didn’t happened. I have the right to ask for what ever I want and people have the right to agree, refuse or ignore my request but the minute you send me an offer you are committed or after 24 hours at least say " I am sorry I couldn’t do it …" and I will understand and call it a day.

I am not bragging about being a developer and want the earth to move for me, but mentioning that to explain that I do understand what it take and I do understand development process, and time expectations and most of all I know “Things Happens”. But yes I am frustrated with scammers biting more than they can chew and then spitting it out and waste an opportunity for someone else and waste buyers time.

No one offered me a Taco, if I request a Taco without lettuce in 15 minutes and the cook agreed and took my order … chef or not, I guess it is fair to get frustrated if I never got the Taco at all or my money back … Once again thank you for your reply.


As a developer yourself, you must know that sometimes a project or issue can sometimes taken a left turn. I have often taken on a project to debug and fix an issue and found that the cause has taken longer to find than expected and was not what was initially expected. I have also sometimes worked on a client’s site and found their CMS to be cluttered, slow or unfamiliar and taken time to deepdive.

Rather than instantly jump to cancel or dispute, I would ask the seller what they have done so far. If they don’t have anything to say then it’s likely your initial concerns were correct but if they are able to clearly explain what they have/are working on, then it’s quite likely they are working hard to meet your deadline and fix the issue and your threat of cancelling and not paying for their time spent, plus added time pressure wouldn’t be helping and likely be negatively impacting the project.

It’s like getting a plumber out to fix a blocked sink. On the surface it may look like a simple blockage but on deeper inspection it will actually take a little longer than first thought.


You can contact Fiverr CS on this matter.
CS is more helpfull to buyer than Seller.
Still…, it will took time and patience as your seller keep reject your cancelation.
Usually Fiverr CS will response in 3-4 days even more…

If you insist to cancel this project, you need consistenly send dispute to this seller until Fiverr CS responded.

Hope you get good-end from this matter,

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Thank you … I totally understand and agree with you, that why I even mentioned being a developer to explain again I know “things happens” and more than we would like sometimes.

It wasn’t a fix or debug, I was very clear forward thing with everything, I sent him the packages and every possible reference and detail and explain that time is an issue. don’t get me wrong because I don’t want to sound “condescension” as another user said. But being in this business for long enough it came apparent to me that the expertise he claimed are not true, still I gave him the benefit of the doubt and there was nothing I can do at that point, crossed my fingers but the out come want what I am hoping for.

I hope I am not breaking any forum rules but uploaded image maybe explain a little more …


The work was done, the seller deserves to get paid. You have the right to give him a 1-star review, but I really don’t like how people abuse the dispute system.

How would you feel if you did the job and your buyer didn’t want to pay you?


Many thanks, appreciate your reply. So there is no other way to contact CS but keep just canceling?
All links I followed had a dead end with basically suggesting to request canceling again and again.

What work was done? oh my god ! did you read what I just wrote or you just jumping here assuming because I am a buyer I must be the villain.

If you ordered a chair the carpenter brings you a pile of wood , would you just reach deep in your pocket and give him the money and say “Thank you for your time and effort” ?!!

You can reach CS at

However, they may take a few days to get back to you.


I read your post

You didn’t say what it was, and honestly, who are you to decide for someone else, how long the work takes? Maybe the seller was busy, maybe he has bad time management skills, maybe you ordered without messaging first.

Wrong example. First of all, you were given a chair, not a pile of wood. Second, you did not complain about the chair but about the time it took to create and deliver the chair.

Your dispute has no merit. You’re angry about lateness, not the work that was done.

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