Seller keeps asking for more time and money


My first time on this site. I wanted to get a design for my husband.

I posted a picture of something I had found online and said I wanted something similar. I believe I was pretty clear with all my specs.

I picked a seller that I liked.

Two days into the design I got a message stating that it was going to be much harder than he thought and needed more time and more money. The quote was going to go about $10 over my budgeted listed price. I said I would give him the two more days but I can’t go over my budget and said I would pay more up to my budgeted price.

I got the design, asked for a revision. And now he is asked for a lot more money and more time. Stating this project was more difficult than he anticipated. I get the more time for revision, but I thought he said I could get 5 revisions.

Is this typical behavior? I have paid quite a lot of money so far, kinda embarrassed to say, but I knew it was a difficult project to begin with, which is why I budgeted so much.


If seller have committed for provide initial revision 2-3 FREE - you can report at Fiverr CS or
2nd you can OPEN ORDER DISPUTE and get REFUND !!


If you didn’t request anything that wasn’t promised in the gig description then it’s not your problem. I would echo what @fast_editing said. Contact CS or request a cancellation.


That’s a red flag, will paying more make the work easier. Don’t pay extra, the seller is obligated to either providing what they promised or issue a refund. If I were in your shoes I would simply cancel the order.


That makes it very clear. In case you haven’t yet, point that out to him. If he refuses to accept that, -> CustomerSupport


If you are not asking for free revisions and there are revisions included in the package YOU chose, then definitely its a red flag for me as well.

If he is not doing what he offered you, Report to CS and Cancel the order immediately. There are tons of other sellers and I hope you will find better one this time. Don’t waste more :timer: and :moneybag:

Good luck.


If I cancel the order would I get my money back? Even the extra money I had paid? I have paid about 150, and right now, even though he says he will do it (I looked back at the original offer it says unlimited revisions) I am not very happy with him. Also, I kinda feel he just copied the picture I took off the internet…this might pose a copyright problem?


Everything you’ve paid through Fiverr can be refunded. Cancel the order or if the seller doesn’t agree to it then contact CS.


Yes, you will get your money back.

Let me make sure; you paid once, then accepted a custom extra on that one order, correct? In other words, you have one order number that start with F.

I’ve been in very similar situations as you. Chances are, it’s going to get worse and not better. At this point request cancellation. If the seller refuses to accept, then give all facts to CS.