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Seller leaves bad review after i left him 5 star

the seller responded to my public request and said he knew exactly what i wanted, i hired him and he did not do anything that i requested, i asked for a revision and he even went more off the wall in his revision, so i just closed out the order because i knew he was just wasting my time and gave him 5 stars for the hell of it, he came back and gave me 3 stars, and this is what i got as a response to his bad feedback. ![image|690x340]

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Why would you do that? You’re every incompetent seller’s dream but why would you do that?

PS People who use that emoji give me a headache.

Why do you even care? Reviews as a buyer are meaningless lol

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Not true. I just have a potential buyer with 3.5 stars. He talks like a semi-normal person but still I feel funny. I just sent him an offer and I am kinda torn do I want him to accept or not.

And what happened to you @kevinkeowitz, oh, such a shame. And by his response he deserves 0, even 1 star is too good for him.
I know people are against wasting time with inbox talk with clients before, but I prefer to talk and find out am I dealing with reasonable human or human size ameba.
Today I had a potential client and I already knew that if I accept this job I will lose more than gain. So I help him for free in the inbox, gave him instructions and links and files. Basically homework so he can solve a problem himself. He kept his money and I kept myself for feeling obligated to help a paying customer who can not be thought in 24-48 hours.

This is not true. I insist on talking with all clients before sending a custom offer, and I don’t want to get any direct orders. What I’m against is in doing that for $5 or $10 gigs, it’s not worth it. Those must be fast and efficient with minimum communication.

The mentality of 5 and 10 is kinda funny and risky for me to go fast. If I go fast with 5 and 10, and they leave bad feedback over something I could avoid by 5 minute chat, I’ll 5 minute chat.

I understand you completely, but for me, I just completed my 10th order and have 112$ income. I am way of from getting orders on daily basis, and I can not even guess when will I reach Level 1. So at this stage on Fiverr I have to show some flexibility and patience. Isn’t that what we recommend to all new sellers?

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