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Seller level 0 to Level 1


Dear all

    Currently i am level 0 /new seller on Fiver . I got 9 orders and earned 400$ dollar without warning .my question is if i get order of lets suppose 100 $ then total earning will be 500 $ and 10/10 order will complete .
  1. When i will shift to next level 1 ? on next evaluation date which is 15 January ? or as soon i get the order lets suppose i get the order on 24th dec , i will immediately/automatically move to next level ?
    2)What about this 100$ which i earned ? will it be added for the next criteria for Level to requirement which is to earn 2000 . Or this 100 amount will be cancel .



It changes on the evaluation date only.

Check this out:


Congratulations, to become a first level seller.
i’m also new arrival on fiver platform.


thanks , can you please answer question # 2


i’m new arrival. not know too much about it.


no :slight_smile: close to level 1 , not on level one


it will happens soon.


Thanks for best Wishes




The criteria is $2000 total earnings. That means everything you’ve earned on Fiverr counts towards it.


means 500 if i have earned in level 0 and just jumped to level 1 , then 1500 left . am i right ?


Yep, absolutely correct.


thanks , dear do you have any link for that ?


thanks for that :slight_smile:


Sure. If you go to, you’ll see one of the criterion for Level 2 is total earnings: “Earn at least $2,000”. Once you pass the $2000 total earnings threshold, you’ve permanently met this criterion.

thanks for that :slight_smile:

You’re welcome!


as same is for the orders , level 0 orders will add up and we have to get 40 more orders to full fill 50 orders criteria for level 2


thanks … dear :slight_smile:


Hello Usman. Hope you reach level 1 very soon. All the best. :slight_smile:


thanks , requirements completed only evaluation left