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Seller level going down for no reason!

Hi, I’ve been having this problem for a while, I really don’t know what to do.

I have 0 unread messages, and I always answer as soon as I can, but for some reason my response rate is at 67%!!! I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, I’ve just been demoted for no reason.

Did anyone experienced a similar situation?


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Check if you ever received a spam message in the last 60 days that was automatically flagged as spam but affected your response rate anyway. If so, you could contact contact CS. Or if you are totally sure you responded to every message (the first from each buyer who contacts you) within 24 hours (have checked each message thread from the last 60 days) you could also contact them and they may fix it if it’s incorrect.

I had a similar problem with an automatically flagged spam message that I’m sure was the cause of the a response rate drop but the response rate went back up after contacting CS about it (without any new messages).

edit: what Fvierr should do I think is create an option to see which messages within the last 60 days you haven’t responded to within 24 hours and that have affected your response rate (and messages marked as spam within 24 hours shouldn’t affect it - but I think still might - due to a bug).

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Well, technically, your low response rate was most likely the reason why you were demoted. You have to maintain a 90%+ rating in that category, for that category to not precipitate a demotion.


Contact Help & Support .

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Hi! I just wrote that I have 0 UNREAD MESSAGES and my response rate is still going down, there’s no logic. It’s impossible for my response time to be that low if I don’t have any messages to answer :slight_smile:

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So did you check your spam folder and if so did you receive spam recently that could have caused it (even though it shouldn’t)?

Did you check every message thread from the last 60 days to check you responded within 24 hours to each first message from those threads?

If you didn’t respond to every first message within the last 60 days, the messages that are more than 60 days old and have recently moved out of the 60 day window, but which were responded to on time could mean less ‘responded to on time’ messages could now be in the 60 day window (so response rate reduces).

If it’s a bug though (and you’ve checked the messages) you could contact CS.


I see that you response time is 12 hours, which is quite a lot on average.

Response rate not only about “unread” messages. You need to manage to respond them within 24 hours. If not then your response rate will go down.
(And looking that you have quite a long response time then I don’t discard situation that you responded couple of messages after 24h window)


Hi Maria, thank you for your message. I have never answered a message after 24 hours, and it’s impossible for my response time to be that low because I am not getting new messages, therefore, there’s no one to answer.

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Hi, thank you for your message, there’s nothing in my spam folder, and I haven’t answered any questions after 24 hours (my worst response time is 6 hours, and I was even in out of office mode). I really don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

I’m trying to contact CS, thank you for your help.


IT’S SOLVED!!! They actually solved it! I’m back at 90% response rate, I still need to get back my level one seller status, but hey, it’s something!

Thank you all so much for your messages :slight_smile:


I’m a beginner and I still don’t understand 100% how to work here.
Did I send you a message?

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Hi! What happened? You said it was solved but didn’t explain. I’m having a similar problem. Thanks!

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