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Seller Level Lost, Please Make all the Requirements minimum to 80%

Recently 1 Buyer gave me 3 order for flyer design, but after 1 day he said “due to postponed of fair he doesn’t want it any more” and in result of 3 cancellation my order completion rate came to 79% from 94%…and i lost my level 1 seller badge. Come on Fiverr we want to work. then why is this kind of toughness for us… please think about us…make all requirements upto 80%+ not 90%+…:confounded:

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It would be better if buyer initiated cancellations like this one weren’t counted against sellers at all - then Fiverr could stick to their 90% or whatever limit to take into account sellers who might be cancelling orders after delivery to avoid negative feedback.


Fiverr is currently filtering out sellers.

They are of the highest quality.
Those in power