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Seller Level Mystery

Like most sellers i was the same level 1, level 2, gonna be a super seller yipeee, Well not quite, the breaks went on the gigs pile up, your working like a superstar and your level stays the same.focus on customer service and you'll find the mystery attaining too seller stardom, but remember I'm pretty sure there's going to be a lot more levels after this one.

Relax, as i did, put your gig on vacation mode for as long as needed.

You’re not from England are you? I just watched your gig video, it made me laugh - Great gig!

I’m from the North of England (sound like John snow) it looks in your video you’re trying to sound like me haha

Good advice on the levels though buddy!

Hey, yes I’m a Brit,Manchester, Oldham, lived in Chicago over 20 years maybe that’s why my accents changed

Awesome! - Keep up the Good work! - I am about to start up a couple of Gigs and become a Super Star like yourself Oh Knight Saber!