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Seller Level not increasing

i have successfully completed all the requirements for the next seller level but my seller level is not increasing…


You need to wait until the evaluation date which is usually around the 15th of the month.


Have you EVEN read the TOS?

She doesn’t even need to read TOS. The date of evaluation is written above of those stats and would’ve been visible if she wouldn’t have cut the top part of a screenshot :woman_shrugging::woman_facepalming:


You need to move it to a different category. It’s definitely not a “report a bug” category.

its 4 months ago…bro… i am waiting from last 4 months…

The screenshot isn’t showing all the stats (eg. 60 day rating) but if you’ve met all the stats for the next level as shown on the analytics page and have done for the last 4 months and still haven’t been promoted, then contact CS at the help desk for them to check it/fix anything. Check your analytics page for all the required stats.

no one is replying … only the automated msg that tells me to wait while they review this problem…

response rate 95%
order Comple= 96%
on time delivery 96%
Positive rating 4.9

what else should i do

So if every stat on the analytics page under “Achieve these goals to become a Level One Seller” are green and ticked and have been for a few months then maybe just wait for CS to check/fix the problem. If it’s been a very long time since they said that message (weeks/months) maybe you could post a question in the same ticket thread asking about it, like if they have any update, but be careful not to seem like you’re spamming them.

Did you fulfill all other requirements for level one?

here take a look

this was 4 months old picture…

and this is today’s picture…

each month I am doing same thing… but no hope

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So all you can do I think is wait for Fiverr/CS/the developers to fix it or add a post in the same ticket thread if you think it’s been long enough since the last one, politely asking about it/if they have been able to fix the issue/if there is any update (while not posting too often in it).

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