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Seller level system remains flawed

So basically I just got moved down a level for not responding within 24 hours to one message regarding a gig that I had already successfully delivered (with the usual 5* rating), and that didn’t require, request or even make sense to give a response to.

I understand that the sheer volume of users mean they can’t have a flexible system that looks on a case by case basis, but it does massively disproportionately work in favour of large volume sellers over lower volume sellers.

Whether its a case like above, or a deadline apparently being missed because the buyer can’t make up their mind about what they want, or orders being cancelled due to clients paying to order services I don’t deliver or NOT HAVING READ MY GIG LISTING, or fraudulent buyers popping up 3 days before gig ranking time demanding things they haven’t paid for with the threat of cancellation affecting our seller level and gig rankings (because they know that we take the hit not them), it is utterly ridiculous that FIVERR haven’t significantly tweaked the system since it has been introduced.

I’ve had all the above on multiple occasions, and so have thousands of others judging by these forums, and the refusal from FIVERR to properly respond (as opposed to their ‘customer service’ choosing 20 ways to say ‘tough s*^t’ ) or at least take steps to protect us from fraudulent buyers is incredibly frustrating.

I’ve close to a thousand orders and only 3 non 5* reviews (2 4s and 1 from a fraudulent buyer who I caught actually using my work from a previous order illegally), and yet every time any of the above happens, unless I have a busy couple of months, its down a level or two we go.

I think bumping me down again for one message not wanting a response not being responded to at a time when the world is literally falling apart and most of my industry is in complete shut-down is a little unfair!


Over-flogged topic. Sorry to hear that. It’s just the way here. You will bounce back. Good luck!


Respect to you. You’ve done well. I hear what you’re saying, and I’m emotionally inclined to agree. But we know the rules, factually we have to reply to first messages within 24 hours otherwise we risk our stats.

However, I’m sure that most buyers make their purchasing decision based on feedback (yours is excellent), and on price (yours must be fair to get so many orders).

Give it 60 days, and I’m sure you’ll step back up a level.

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In this specific instance, I’m happy enough to take it on the chin - its ridiculous but as Fiverr is an automated money making platform its difficult to detect.

What I am still angry about is the fact that our level/rankings suffer every time we get a fraudulent buyer trying to bully us, and after this much time there is still no adequate protection

Yes it’s frustrating to be penalized for things that aren’t our fault.

Even one missed message can lower your rating if you have fewer than 10 orders per month.

I stopped caring about levels ages ago. Not worth the stress.