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Seller levels don't work


When I click on Seller Levels on a page of thumbnails of gigs, it doesn’t work.
For example here I have clicked on New Sellers and sellers of all levels show
including Top Rated Sellers.

This is the second row under AVERAGE CUSTOMER REVIEW.

Notice the number of reviews of each gig. It’s all over the place.

So this is simply a random page of all level sellers, and all number of reviews from
a few to over a thousand.


Its working with me


That’s a glitch.

(Works on my end)


Thanks guys. I wonder why it isn’t working for me. Or I wonder if it’s just in my category.


check in incognito mode :cowboy_hat_face: in chrome


The gender filter wasn’t working for me yesterday whenever the “new” algorithm (along with average price) results would show up. When it was the standard results it worked fine. I’m guessing it’s a glitch.


Your category is working fine here.