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Seller made a fixed priced Bid now wants more $$$, made fraudulent delivery

What to do about this?

This ************** seller keeps on re-delivering, and won’t agree to cancel.

Mod Note: Username removed. It is against the Forum Rules to negatively call out a buyer or seller.

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Contact Customer Support with this information.

If they did the work, they shouldn’t cancel. Good for them for standing up for their work.

Unless what they delivered is not what they advertised, than there is no grounds to cancel.

Honestly, I’m immediately on the seller’s side here, just because you ran right to the forum to try to publicly call them out. This tells me you are probably not the most reasonable customer. So please stop bugging this seller. Pay the poor soul for their time and effort.


Contact Customer Support with information.

Right i agree with you

Why not ask customer support about it?

Why do you want to cancel? Can we get more information?

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He is not canceling order becasue he thinks he has done his work!

You want to cancel as you think he did not deliver what was agreed upon. If you think he did not complete his work as per requirements then contact CS and they will surely refund you if your statements is true :slight_smile:

Didn’t I explain that? Sorry. Seller bid on a Custom gig request. I bought this seller’s bid. Seller did not do the work at all, but send a document as a “report” that just contained nonsense, and the seller also said that the delivered document was just a temporary one, (knowing that I would reject it), and asking for more money.

To be clear, the seller has not done any work.

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Then he violated the terms of service by not delivering what was agreed to so you deserve a refund. You can contact customer support and tell them what you just now told us.

Isn’t there a limit of 3 times that CS can be asked to fix a problem? I already asked CS to cancel 2 orders, and got a warning that 3 is the limit.

The trouble with bids is that sellers have to bid with a specific amount, even if they don’t know what the actual scope of work is. In many cases, it’s best not to accept a bid directly, but to contact the seller(s) you think can do a good job, tell them exactly what you need, and discuss everything with them before you buy from them. That way, the seller tells you the actual cost (and if you think they’re charging too much, you don’t have to accept, you can move on to someone else).


I’ve not heard of a limit on CS cancelling for you, however I am sure if you show CS the screenshot showing they have violated the terms of service (not just delivering something you’re not happy with) it could be a different situation.

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I didn’t know about having a limit of 3 cancellations for buyers.

I have placed over 1500 orders on Fiverr. My Custom request was very detailed. The point here is that this seller hasn’t done any work at all, yet has my money in Fiverr’s escrow.

OK, that’s a good suggestion. Thanks.

Exactly, I had some bad experiences with bidding on buyer requests. Unfortunately Fiverr doesn’t have an option to bid without the price.