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Seller Marked delivered but no delivery


Hi there I have a custom order after placing a Request for a job and the seller marked it as delivered stating “I just delivery you because of getting late.” he has replied since saying he has medical issues here is the timeline and I have no idea what to do - I have over 60 Completed orders on Fiverr and only 5 cancellations I even did 4 gigs for a logo (the same logo) and paid all the sellers as i wanted a few different aspects as you can see im not here to rob anyone but this one has got me

14th Feb 2017 posted a request for a new website
15th Feb - agreed tto one seller and accepted custom order $180 - 9 days delivery
23rd February he marked delivered saying "I just delivery you because of getting late. Im working on php and mysql, html section finished All layout is finished and im still working on php and mysql hope so i will finish it with in 2 dayz.Thanks for understanding "
25th feb i requested revision so it didnt say complete
25th Feb he messaged me "Respected Sir ,Im sorry because of some medical problem its delay hope so i will delivery it with in 2-3 Days, Thanks for your understanding "
27th I chased him he said "Respected Sir my developer is workng on it. Hope today it will finished"
28th AM chased him no reply

what can I do and at what point will i lose my funds please ?

Thank you in advance



Sellers are not allowed send an “empty” delivery to extend delivery time, the Resolution Center is there to request extra time.
I suspect that if you contact customer support they will cancel the order. Point out that the seller sent an empty delivery to extend the time frame and has still not delivered 5 days later and that had they not sent an empty delivery you would have been able to cancel at this point.
Text below is from the Terms of Service under the Cancellations section and is speaking about when orders can be cancelled.

Delivered Orders (after the seller clicks Deliver Now and before the order is marked as complete)
The seller uses the Delivery system to extend the delivery due date to complete the requested service without providing the final delivered service to buyers.
Note: Multiple reported offenses will result in permanent suspension of your account.
The seller delivers no files and/or proof of work related to the agreed upon order requirements.
Note: Subjectivity of the materials in question will be reviewed by our Customer Support team.


Thank you for that is there any point I would loose my funds if i left it a day or 2 (max 48 hrs) as if he has actually done the work i do not want to penalize him ? and it will take longer to start again :frowning:



As long as the order is not marked complete it should not be a problem.
I would suggest asking the seller to at least show what has been done or some proof of work completed, as I would agree that the better solution for everyone is to allow the seller complete it but you have been very patient and deserve some kind of update on progress


If 3 says passed from any of the times that the order was marked as delivered (without you requesting a modification) then it will move over to cleared funds for the seller.

But this doesn’t mean that the matter is closed. You should contact customer support and give them the details you have outlined above. they will resolve this for you.


He has now replied:
"Respected Sir , I respect your patience and understanding,Actually (my develop wife) in hospital thats why its delay, im constantly follow him about work and he ask me little time more may b one day or two , i hope so will will finish it before friday.I hope you can understand his condition.


I have advised him I will allow 48hrs and see what happens I think I am being more than fair to him




Yes, you can check the work progress so that you can understand the real things and can mark the more time but if he really still not works that he say, then don’t hesitate to contact support. It is very easy.


I’m sorry, but in my opinion you’re being taken for a ride. I know it will take longer to start again but this seller is conning you & you have no proof that he’s done anything. Why would you want to continue to work with this person who is treating you this way? What makes you think he’s going to do a good job even if he is working on your project? Anyone with the attitude he has doesn’t care about the quality of their work.

Talk to CS, get your money back, start again.

Don’t use Buyer Requests as most of the established sellers don’t look there for work. Do some research on who would be your best choice for your job.


Thankyou everyone I did ask to see what he did and sent me a link to a demo site he has done but must have put it together quickly as he forgot to remove the copyright at the bottom and a little googling i found it was someone else site - reported to fiverr now


This is the mind set of someone who is willing to get run over by scammers and they will enjoy the ride.
If at all they could ask via the solution center to extend the time. Marking the order as delivered is just proof that they are phony scammers and should be removed from Fiverr immediately.