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Seller marked gig as "Completed" but didn't deliver and said they would finish tomorrow? How?

Is this against the Terms and Conditions for a seller to do this? Also, they have 100% satisfaction guarantee, do you go thru the “resolution center” for this?

As a very busy seller, I sometimes do this myself, but I always ASK first, and it is usually only with established customers… I would wait one day and see what happens before doing anything.

I don’t think it’s against rules, because you don’t have to approve the delivery. :slight_smile: If you mind waiting you can click on something like “request modification” so the delivery is cancelled. But he could do it to avoid order being “late” (if it’s late you buyer can cancel it).

This seller is truly bad for Fiverr, this is the gig: Sheriff’s note: please, it’s not fair to call out other members

Compared to his examples, it’s night and day.

I tried to cancel and they denied it.

How do I cancel when he has 100% Satisfaction Guarantee?

What should I do next?

Reply to @cokepins: hit the Request modification button until you receive what you asked for!

If you still want to cancel the order, use the Resolution center you have in your order page.

Anyway, I need to remember you that buyers are not allowed to cancel an order only because delivery does not satisfy personal taste. I mean, if your instructions were I want a car logo with my company description, what you received is fair and you should not be allowed to cancel.

Anyway, why don’t you ask your seller to fix the delivery? Communication is the key for a successful business :slight_smile:

Reply to @ynneblack: deliver an empty gig is absolutely against the rules, Fiverr does not allow this!