Seller marked my order as complete without doing anything and now won't respond to email


This might sound naive, but I’m a trusting sort and relatively new to Fiverr… I ordered a gig from a seller and he promised to deliver in 3 days. After that time he mailed me to say he had been very busy and would I mind waiting a couple more days. I said ok, as I wasn’t in huge rush, but after the three days he messaged me to say he’d had problems but would get the work done. He put a not on the gig (on record) that he would have to note that it was complete to stop his Fiverr profile being negatively impacted. He now won’t respond to any emails to get the work done. Can I claim a refund?


Reply to @cre8iveartwork: I think he meant delivered the order without providing anything and then it was automatically marked as complete after 3 days. This is a new trend among sellers here now.



Are you contacting with your seller via mail ? i think its fiverr message, okay don’t mark seller delivery, you will find a option “redelivery” click there, if seller not redeliver to you then go to mutual cancel option and send it to seller, if seller not respond to you then it will automatically cancel in 2 days and you will get refund,


If he marked it complete within the last three days, click on the “request modification” button to keep the gig open. Aside from his “empty delivery” being against the Terms of Service of the site, after the third day goes by, you’re considered to have approved the delivery whether he ever actually does any work or not.


Reply to @roughtext: If your Seller is unresponsive, contact Customer Support for assistance. Click on Submit a Request to open a ticket from that page.


I hope you realize that a seller can’t mark anything as complete… just saying