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Seller marked the order complete and asked more time to finish

Hi everybody I dont know is it the right place to write, but I am a newbie on the Fiverr. Here is my story I wished to do some small changes on my wordpress webiste , I found a seller who agreed to do it. The seller partially finished the order but the main problem he wasnt able to solve but he marked the order completed , and asked a few days to finish it.

I agreed but I started to be mad after a few days , because he still not finished. Then I told to him if he not finish till day before yesterday I will cancel the order , he begged me not to cancel , I give it to him one more day and yesterday I found out that 3 days was gone after he marked the order finished and now the order was automatically completed and I cant cancel it anymore , and now I feel completely betrayed. I dont know what to do I already wrote a message to the customer support. Here at the fax ( it said 13 days and I dont know how can be mine closed down after 3 days

Please please somebody answer me till the 13 days not pass.

You will have to remove the seller details from the post because it is not allowed here.

And you still have time. That’s what the 14 day period is for.
If you have already opened a support ticket then you will get a reply soon with the resolution.

Thank you very much for the quick answer I appreciate it.
OK I deleted the sellers details , and I sent a ticket to customer support as Order Support =>and I chose the Order Cancellation , I hope I did it right