Seller marking the job as delivered before submitting work


Hi, I am a customer who received a 3 days gig 6 days later for a business plan. Not only it was paid at 50$ but I also provided all my previous info and it should have been a copy paste job but the seller had no communication whatsoever. I have received the content but then the seller had the cheek to say I didn’t pay enough on the 6 th day.
I mean my options are between a rubbish review or asking my money back because the seller marked the gig completed 3 days before submitting my work.

I wish the seller was honest with me from the beginning as I might have understood. The problem is that most people only see their perceptive and not the other party.

I am wondering what to do. Should I make a complaint or leave a honest review detailing my experience aka a bad review?


Wait, so the gig was supposed to be delivered within 3 days, but the seller was 6 days late? Why did you wait so long for the delivery? If your order is not delivered on time then you cancel.
Although common courtesy is to request an update because maybe the seller will be just a few minutes late. Then you can just mention it in the review, but you can still accept it.

If the seller marked the order delivered without submitting the work, then you should have canceled it because you said there was not communication whatsoever.

To answer your question, you can basically go either way (assuming you didn’t accept it already). If you really want to you can get your money back, but if the submitted work met your requirements then a review will be enough.


First of all, never accept a delivery that’s not what you asked for. Mark it for revision. The seller can request an extension of time without impact on their profile. They should talk to you about this first obviously. If they try to deliver an unfinished product there’s no excuse, except a scam.

It’s unclear to me what exactly happened finally - did you get what you ordered but you paid extra for it? Or you got what you ordered but it was late and you didn’t pay extra for it?

If you got what you paid for then I’d go down the honest review path as ethically you shouldn’t use what the seller sent you. You could also complain about the seller violating the ToS to CS if you wanted them to get a warning and try and encourage them to improve their practices.


Hi all thank you for your comments. I paid $50 initially for a business plan and the gig was supposed to take 3 days but it took longer.
At first, I wanted to reject it but then I came to the forum and read the point of view of sellers. In the end, I honestly told the seller how disappointed I was and they apologized saying they would review the work again.

Thanks for your advise, next time I will cancel it as soon as possible.


I would love to see who you hired, it’s too bad Fiverr doesn’t allow us to share that information publicly.

You might as well get your money back and use it to hire a better seller. It’s a sad reality that some sellers will sell anything to make a buck.

I’m sure there are some great business plan writers. If I were to hire one, I would hire someone with an MBA or a business degree, someone that speaks like a corporate man. I would also watch them on video (if that’s available) to see if they sound like business people.

Even then, I think most business owners write their own business plans, or fix whatever someone else gives them. Remember, it’s your business, you know it better than anyone.