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Seller "marks his order as complete" himself, can the buyer leave Review?

I have delivered my order and the buyer is also happy. But he is so busy to “Mark the order as complete”.
After 3 days, Fiverr is allowing me to mark the order as complete from my side.
My concern is - if I do this myself, will the buyer be able to leave a review???

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The buyer has up to 30 days after delivery of the order to leave a review. So, if the buyer wants to, they can :slight_smile:

If the buyer was too busy to even mark the order as complete, I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t leave a review either :wink:


The concern is that, the buyer didn’t clicked “Mark order as complete”. The order is marked as complete from seller side. Still scope is open for buyer to leave review?

@cadmux YES! That is the question I answered in my previous post :slight_smile:


Thanks a bunch!!! :slight_smile: @hanshuber16

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