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Seller menu and My Gigs

Hello guys, I will be glad if anyone can provide a guide and help me with the difficulty I am facing on the fiverr site.
On my first experience of creating my first gig, I discovered that though I did click on the “save and continue” button everytime I was done with each step in creating a gig (pricing, descriptions requirements etc) whenever I wanted to re-edit my gig, I discovered that the earlier work has disappeared and I would have to start all over again, this was really really annoying.
Secondly, I can’t find the seller menu. Anyone one can tell me how to locate it because I can’t even from the homepage navigate through the site to view my own gigs directly. To edit my gig, a link I accidentally stumbled upon is what I copy into the goggle search box in order to edit my gig. I can’t get a direct way from let say my dashboard to navigate towards my gig and get to edit or publish them. Anyway, I have done this only on the desktop mode of my phone. Is the seller menu and “my gigs” icon only available on fiverr laptop or desktop site?
I will be glad if I can get answers soon.

I had a horrendous time creating my first gig, mainly because it didn’t save as I went as I’d thought it would. I kept bouncing between the tabs tweaking things like the prices, the tags, the extras, the FAQs, and I had ended up having to rewrite my gig description three times (FAQs and requirements twice each). After the second time my work vanished, I wrote it all in Wordpad so I could copy it in if it vanished again (which it did, when I stepped away for a few hours to create/capture my gig images).
Granted, I (almost) learned my lesson for preparing for the next gigs.

TLDR: This is a known problem. It’s recommended that you built the basic (no formatting) text-blocks outside of Fiverr (in Word, wordpad, notepad), and copy/paste them in.